Having done the North Down Coastal Path starting at Cultra (cheating, I know), I decided to do the next leg, starting at Helen’s Bay.

I had anticipated that I would have to wait until October or November when I was offloading Annual Leave to get an opportunity to do so.

Instead, I made the most of an unexpected Public Holiday to do this leg.

I had a lie-in and got the train at 9.05am, and then made my way to the starting point at Helen’s Bay Beach.

It seemed that I had underestimated the distance from the Train Station, taking just under twenty minutes.

Although, when I made my way back to the Train Station on my way home, there appeared to be a signed shortcut. Will have to check that out next time.

As a result of it taking so long to get to the starting point, I decided to change my plan for 1 hour and then going back, to 45 minutes out and then going back. Although my curiosity made just over 50 minutes out and then back.

The weather was kind. It was dry, always a good start. It started off dull and then brightened up as I went along.

Helen’s Bay was full of dogs and swimmers, but no dogs swimming.

The noise of the sea, was very calming and soothing. A gentle soundtrack to a gentle walk.

Eventually, I turned back at Stricklands Glen.

I didn’t go into Stricklands Glen, but it has awakened my curiosity.

I’m definitely going to check it out at some point.

A quick internet search suggests that it is only a short walk from Bangor West Train Station.

I sense a plan developing. Now, if Linfield were to draw Ards or Bangor away in the Irish Cup.

Having walked back to Helen’s Bay Train Station, unaware of the train times. They were every half hour so I knew I wouldn’t have long to wait.

A train arrived as I was approaching, which meant I had to run to catch it. Not what I needed after all that walking.

It was an enjoyable day and I was hoping it would be even more enjoyable as I hoped to head to Lisnabreeny Hill for some Sunset photos.

Well, not quite. The skies were dark and dull, so I didn’t bother.

Probably for the best considering how sore my feet were.

Photo Album

North Down Coastal Path – June 2021

North Down Coastal Path – July 2022


I hadn’t been in a while, so I thought i’d use a football free Saturday to make a long awaited return visit to Giant’s Ring, at Sunrise.

Ok, well, just after Sunrise.

With the recent wave of decent Sunrises and Sunsets, I thought i’d go for it and drag myself out of bed.

My last visit to Giant’s Ring wasn’t an enjoyable one, in June 2021.

It was very untidy and unkempt, stingy nettles all over the place.

Not particularly nice, especially when it was shorts weather.

Other walks took priority, but such a negative impression meant that Giant’s Ring never came into consideration.

Fifteen months on, I thought i’d give it another try.

Arriving as the sun was rising, I was straight out with my camera, getting shots as I made my way across the field towards the path that leads to Terrace Hill Garden.

My photos were added by having some light frost on the ground.

The good news is, that Sunrises are going to be later and later over the next few months, so there’s more chance of catching some more.

I did my usual route, starting off at Giant’s Ring, then to Terrace Hill Gardens, on to Minnowburn then finally through Edenderry back to Giant’s Ring.

As the sun had just risen, there was a lovely glow on the grass, making for perfect shooting conditions.

It might just be me, but I seem to enjoy Giant’s Ring more in the Winter.

At some point over the next few months, I intend to make a return visit, but in reverse, starting at Minnowburn then working my way to Giant’s Ring.

Ideally, this would be at Sunrise or Sunset. We shall see.

Photo Album

Giant’s Ring March 2021

Giant’s Ring January 2021