For those who have read my ‘What Am I Listening To’ blogs in recent weeks may have noticed that I have listening to a bit of OMD lately.

Thanks to a big billboard just outside Belfast City Centre, I have fallen back in love with one of my favourite bands.

OMD were recently supporting Simple Minds on their UK tour, and I passed the billboard on Great Victoria Street on my way into work every morning advertising the Belfast concert.

Gradually, OMD got into my mind and i’ve been listening to them ever since.

Before I got into OMD, I only knew two of their songs, ‘Enola Gay’ and ‘Walking On The Milky Way’, which was on constant rotation on VH1 on a day I was off school ill.

‘The OMD Singles’ was one of the first albums I borrowed when I joined the music library, just to see what the rest of their songs were like. It’s now one of my favourite albums.

It was only last week, that I decided to browse Youtube, just to see what the videos were like, having only heard the songs, but never actually seen the videos.

Surely, I am not the only one who imagines what the video to a song will be like when they hear a song?

Some of the videos were not what I imagined, some were.

Whilst browsing, I found this classic advert from a more innocent age, namely 1988.

Oh Our Price, how I remember you. How the prices in the shop were always different to those advertised in the windows.

Ah, the memories of Friday afternoons when I was at Bangor Tec. On Friday’s, we had to go to Ards.

So, instead of jumping off the train at Botanic, it was a case of jumping off the bus outside Musgrave Street Copshop.

So, wandering through the city centre, I would often pop into the music shops to see what the latest releases were.

Later, it would be a case of the first opportunity every Monday popping in to see the new releases.

Of the ‘Four Biggies’, only HMV remain.

And now, even then, their singles options are so poor, I don’t even bother turning up on a Monday anymore

Like with Teletext, the internet, for all the wonderful things it giveth, also taketh away some of our most simple of pleasures.


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