Was writing my Blog for publication tomorrow, and found that I was writing at length about the events last Saturday at the Newry Showgrounds, so I felt I might as well put them up here as a seperate entity.


I noted with interest, the media coverage of the Newry v Larne game this week. Call me a cynic, but if something like that happens in another sport, will it be the lead story on Nolan, asking if that sport is “out of control”?

People seem to forget that there were 14 Irish Cup ties on Saturday which weren’t abandoned due to fighting, so it’s important to get a bit of context, something like that is not a weekly occurance. I’m not expecting football to get an easy deal from the media, but I certainly expect a degree of fairness when reporting it. That said, the events at Newry on Saturday were well out of order.

I’d originally dismissed it as a bit of handbags when hearing the radio commentary, but viewing the photos later on, it was clear how serious the incident was. Anto Lagan will have no complaints if he ends up in court over his involvement.

If he does, I hope he doesn’t bleat about how he is being a test case over it, because it took place on a football pitch. It may be true that the media profile of the incident has contributed to the police involvement, but, if you don’t behave like that, you don’t get arrested. Simple really.

What hasn’t helped matters is referee Raymond Crangle, who has appeared to revel in his media profile this week, leaking his report to the Belfast Telegraph before the IFA Disciplinary Committe has met to discuss punishments to those involved. Yes, there is a public interest in this case, but not until those involved have been punished.

Once those involved have been punished, it is not unreasonable for the IFA to issue a statement detailing exactly why those who get banned are banned, but not before the committee has met. Totally irresponsible from Raymond Crangle, you can’t but ask why he did it, and what he thought he was going to benefit from it.

In a perverse way, this might have helped in the bid for more Irish League coverage on TV, as BBCNI must be kicking themselves that they didn’t send a TV crew to Newry on Saturday.


You probably already know as i’ve done a very poor job of denying it, that I am a geek.

One of my geeky activities is that I love watching old videos on Youtube. Total random bollocks, but an insight into a bygone age of television.

So, I just thought i’d share with you, some of my favourite adverts from days of yore currently on Youtube.

We begin, with a Public Service Announcement based on one of my favourite TV shows of all-time as Batgirl complains to Batman about her rights in the workplace while rescuing the Dynamic Duo from a ticking bomb.

Typical woman, eh?

Always picking to most inappropriate moment to jabber on.

You can see the moment when Batman is inwardly saying to himself for her to shut the fuck up and and just deactivate the bomb.

Anyway, she’s a vigilante crimefighter, she doesn’t do it for money, so she should stop complaining. Gotta love Robin’s “Holies”, with “Breaking and entering”, “Act of congress” and “discountent” to add to his various observations during the TV show.

You may have noticed a lack of Adam West in the video, as he was too busy serving the people of Quohog.

Meanwhile, Invest NI forerunner IDB decided it would be a good idea to launch a marketing campaign urging people to work harder, which must be a bit of a bummer when relaxing at home watching TV, only to see an advert telling you to work harder.

Getting in on the public service advertising act, the RUC brought out an advertising campaign asking people to snitch on criminals.

I remember when this ad came out, and it scared the shite clean out of me.

Everytime, I hear ‘Cats In The Cradle’, either by Harry Chapin, Ugly Kid Joe or Jason Downs, all I can think of is this ad, which I suppose shows how successful it was.

Meanwhile, footballers have always been a favourite for ad men to front campaigns as Jimmy Hill demonstrates when educating the nation on road safety.

So cyclists and motorbikers had better be careful on the road, or else their untimely demise will be analysed by Jimmy Hill, as if he’s discussing wether Aston Villa’s second goal was offside on Match of the Day.

Other examples of footballers chasing the ad men’s cash include Brian Clough advertising Shredded Wheat and Saint and Greavsie advertising KFC. That’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, not Kilmarnock Football Club.

Footballers are such money grabbing whores, that they are prepared to appear in adverts before they become a footballer.

One day Jimmy, all those keepy-ups will help you become captain of West Ham United.

As a side note, isn’t “There’s nothing quite like a McDonalds” better than “Ba da ba ba ba, i’m loving it”?

Talking of celebrities appearing in adverts before they were famous, bet Billie Piper wishes she could get the lend of a Sonic Screwdriver and remove this from the nation’s consciousness

And yes, I bought that edition and love the ‘Ultimate Spice Girls Kit’

Talking of the Spice Girls, Remember their Channel Five launch?

I could just imagine the scenes in the recording studio as they try to brainstorm inspiration to write a song about a fifth terrestrial television channel.

It’s just a pity that they didn’t wait a year until 5ive were a big act in the charts. They would have been a more appropriate act to launch the channel.

Anyone who has ever seen the Mitchell and Webb parody of Sky’s football coverage will love this simpler ‘less is more’ advert for the 1986 World Cup. Certainly not as epic as their trailer for the 2008 Olympics

In 1989, Gerry Kelly voiced an advert for a UTV version of the apprentice offering young entrepreneurs a chance in starting up in business.

It’s a different world these days. If a young entrepreneur wants help setting up a business, they just shag the wife of their local MP.

Meanwhile, someone at Austin Rover though it would be a good idea to have an advertising campaign fronted by Noel Edmonds and Derek Trotter.

I don’t know why Austin Rover would want their product associated with a shifty looking, dodgy, untrustworthy wideboy …………… such as Noel Edmonds.

So, i’ll finish with this trailer for ‘Life On Mars’, where the past meets the present in a piece of TV genius


Was out today getting some photos today, mostly graffiti and wall art.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a total success as I saw some brilliant wall art in the carpark of Bike Dock, which was closed, so i’ll be popping down on Saturday morning to get those photos.

Plus, I got some photos of the River Lagan, which got lost on my camera due to a technical error.

Less about that, and more about those that were saved.

I got this one of a painted football net, although for me, the freakiest thing about the photo is the Kate Nash-alike on the billboard above it

Meanwhile, the wall to the right of that proclaims that fat people are greedy. If it’s written on a wall, it must obviously be true.

Saw this, which was random, altough the car parked di ruin the photo.

Meanwhile, you’d better be warned, the hoods are running free, and unleashing a wave of terror on business signs.

And finally, the best for last, this was spotted on a wall in East Belfast, painted by the Streetreach project.

Like the previous photo, parked cars ruined the composition.

I promise i’ll get the photos from Bike Dock next week, until then, hope you enjoy the ones posted.


Righteo, last night I enjoyed January’s STLFTEM with Neil Delamere’s live show at Island Arts Centre in Lisburn.

Absolutely brilliant show, well worth going to see if he’s playing near you.

The show is half-scripted (The show is called ‘Bookmarks’ and is about milestones in life) and the other half improvised banter based on his interaction with the audience.

Having seen the ‘Bookmarks’ show in Edinburgh and Belfast during 2009, I purposely went for a seat at the back.

A great quote I overheard while at the Edinburgh Festival last year about being in a comedy audience, cracked me up and is so true :

“Being in the audience at a comedy show is a bit like being in church. Try not to sit in the front couple of rows, or else you’ll be picked out and humiliated in front of everybody else”

Unsurprisingly, I took a seat in the back rows.

So, today, I went about trying to organise STLFTEM for April.

I had previously planned to try and get to Ewood Park to see United play Blackburn, but the date was marked as the weekend of the FA Cup Semi-Finals.

With both sides going out, there is now no danger of the match being postponed (Famous last words)

I visited Co-Operative Travel, who I previously went ot Ewood Park with, and they now say they don’t actually do tickets, so i’ll chance my arm on the internet, or just travel up on the day of the game.

I decided to make the most of it, and go and see James (the band, not some bloke called James) in Sheffield the Thursday before.

I’m off work over Easter, so I might as well make the most of the spare time.

A few online problems mean I haven’t actually got my ticket sorted, so i’ll try again tomorrow to get it sorted.

I’m so excited now, i’ll be devastated if I don’t actually get on.

I actually got into James when my brother (Most of the bands I like, I got into because of him) got their 1998 Best Of album, with the flower artwork, just incase you mistakingly buy one of the various reissued inferior compilations available which I listened to religiously while he was at work.

Most people associate them with the excellent ‘Sit Down’, which is sad because under-rated songs such as ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Waltzing Along’, ‘Born Of Frustration’, ‘Just Like Fred Astaire’ and ‘She’s A Star’ are as good, if not better.

So, the plan, is to fly into Liverpool on the Thursday, get a train to Sheffield, see James, stay overnight in Sheffield, then on the Friday, base myself in Manchester, hopefully getting to the Blackburn-United game over the weekend, before spending Monday in Liverpool, then flying home.

And it’s only three weeks until February’s STLFTEM.


Apologies for being late posting it up, but here goes, a blog update on that peasant site Bebo.

I actually uploaded it last night, and missed Paul Hart’s sacking from QPR and Derry City’s expulsion from the Setanta Cup. I shall be commenting on them next week.

So, this week, I started by getting myself banned from ever DJing at a DUP function.

And then continued by :

Slagging off the County Antrim Shield, Aubrey Ralph, the BBC, and then offering some tactical advice to the most successful manager in the history of British football.

I promise I will have this WordPress blog updated over the weekend.



Yesterday saw the release of the trailer for the new A-Team movie.

I really don’t know what to think. Part of me is excited because it’s the A-Team, but part of me is fearful after seeing the promo photo released a few months ago that it will be absoultely shit.

It just brings back so many childhood memories, I loved The A-Team back in the day. I had an A-Team duvet, ate A-Team crisps, and in the playground, we pretended to be The A-Team with me being Murdock.

That is why I dread this movie being shit.

No doubt, this will put the original surviving stars enjoying a second helping of fame, with an ironic Facebook campaign to get ‘Mother’ by Mr T to Number One in the charts being an inevitability

The day it’s released is the day the World Cup starts. I could take the day off work, watch The A-Team in the morning, then the football later in the day.

It sounds like a plan, and I love it when a plan comes together.


Finally got around to updating the Bebo blog after the Christmas break.

This week, i’ll be :

Naming my top five tunes of the week
Praising Gary Neville and Peter Thompson
Laying down the law to poor little Audrey Ralph
Asking if poor little Audrey practises what he preaches
Giving Lord Fergie some advice
Giving David Jeffrey some advice
Wondering if Lawrie Sanchez has been told to look for a job by the dole
Looking at a terminally ill patient called the Setanta Cup


Well, what a day it’s been, three bits of good news.

Found out I was successful in my ticket applications for Carling’s ‘Night With Linfield Legends’ where Jackie Fullerton hosts a Q and A with three Linfield legends, next Wednesday night.

Then, I discovered I was successful in getting audience tickets for ‘Colin Murphy’s Great Unanswered Questions’ on Thursday and Saturday of next week.

Dara O’Brien is scheduled to be a guest, though I don’t know which episode. Hopefully, it will be one of these two.

I didn’t apply for the Friday night recording, as i’m going to see Neil Delamere in Lisburn.

And then, to top it off, I get out of the bath, to discover than Peter Thompson has rejoined Linfield.

Hope to have some more news as part of my ‘Something To Look Forward To Every Month’ plan for 2010.

Results at the weekend mean that the Blackburn v Man United match, scheduled for FA Cup Semi-final weekend won’t be postponed, so I am considering travelling over to this.

Looking at the prices, I think I may have to fly into Ringo Starr Airport and stay in Manchester, before travelling onto Blackburn. It’s Grand National weekend, so it’s not worth trying to get accommodation in Liverpool.

So, my plan for next week is :

Tuesday : Linfield v Coleraine

Wednesday : Night With Linfield Legends

Thursday : Colin Murphy’s Great Unanswered Questions

Friday : Neil Delamere Live

Saturday : Colin Murphy’s Great Unanswered Questions

Anyone got something for me to go to on Monday night?


Well, we have left the noughties and entered a new, as yet unnamed decade.

Of course, there have been various lists of various stuff. I had resisted the temptation to join in, until I saw Channel 4’s ‘Top Twenty Songs Of The Noughties’ on TV recently.

Previously, when you saw something which annoyed you, you would have written an angry letter to the editor of the Daily Mail expressing your disapproval.

But this is ten years into the 21st century, and now people blog their disapproval.

The show on Channel 4 was basically picking 20 big selling hits (No Children In Need, Comic Relief or Westlife) from the decade, putting them into a random order, and calling it a chart.

Every song on it was a big commercial hit from a major act. There wasn’t a song chosen where you would go “Ahh yes, I remember that song”, or a song which wasn’t commercially successful and maybe being heard by people for the first time.

As I consider myself to be more influential than Channel 4, by delivering a year by year breakdown of the essential songs from the past decade that will still sound amazing in 2020.


I was working in The Bot during this year, and listening to some really shit music, but there were some excellent songs which shone through.

Green Day had a successful year, with ‘Warning’ being the standout single release.

Death In Vegas collaborated with Iggy Pop to bring us the majestic ‘Aisha’

In terms of Guilty Pleasures, the year gave us ‘Born To Make You Happy’ by Britney Spears, ‘Come On Over Baby’ by Christina Aguilera and ‘Day and Night’ by Billie Piper. I’m not ashamed to like these songs.

Oasis brought out a new album this year, and I was sad enough to queue up outside Woolies on the day it was released to purchase it as soon as the store opened. And I went to see them at Lansdowne Road as well.

Stand out songs from ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ are : ‘Go Let It Out’, ‘Fucking In The Bushes’ and ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong’

That year, Oasis did a special show for the BBC with Jools Holland and did a cover of ‘My Generation’ by The Who after a viewers poll. It was such a fan favourite that it was introduced to the live set, and got a release as a B-side in 2002.

Richard Ashcroft released his debut solo album this year, which brought us the majestic ‘I Get My Beat’, ‘Song For The Lovers’, Cmon People’ and ‘Money To Burn’

Mansun released two excellent singles this year, ‘Electric Man’ and ‘I Can Only Disappoint U’

Badly Drawn Boy’s debut gave us the excellent ‘Disillusion’. Joan Collins appeared in one of his videos that year as well. Credit where it’s due, being a Batman villain and being in a Badly Drawn Boy video is a pretty cool career.

I’m not an Iron Maiden fan, but I fucking love ‘The Wicker Man’

Sia’s ‘Taken For Granted’ is also worthy of a mention.

PJ Harvey gave us the excellent ‘Good Fortune’ while Chicane’s ‘No Ordinary Morning’ deserved to have the success his awful collaboration with Bryan Adams got.

One-hit wonders of the year who deserve a mention are Madasun, Andreas Johnson and Black Box Recorder.


Nerina Pallot burst onto the scene this year, but had to wait 5 years for commercial success.

Ryan Adams ‘New York, New York’ was an excellent song, sadly overshadowed by the poignancy of it’s video.

‘Substitute’ was a tribute album to The who which was released this year, with David Bowie (Pictures Of Lily), Ocean Colour Scene (Anywhere, Anyhow, Anyway) and Cast (The Seeker) being the standout tracks.

Travis followed up ‘The Man Who’ this year, with ‘Side’ and ‘Follow The Light’ being the standout songs from ‘The Invisible Band’

Manic Street Preachers gave us the excellent ‘Let Robeson Sing’ from their new album this year.

Natalie Imbruglia brought out ‘White Lillies Island this year, with ‘Beauty On The Fire’ being the standout track.

Feeder had their breakthrought hit with the excellent ‘Buck Rodgers’. The Strokes (Last Nite) and White Stripes (Hotel Yorba) also had excellent breakthrough hits, whilst already established stars such as The Charlatans (Love Is the Key) and Echo and the Bunnymen (It’s Alright) and Chemical Brothers (The Test) also provided some of the standout tracks of the year.

Nina Persson’s side project, A Camp, brought out ‘I Can Buy You’

The original Sugababes line-up released the beautiful, yet crinimally undercharted ‘Soul Sound’

I was working in The Apartment towards the end of this year, and the highlight of the night was when ‘Destiny’ by Zero 7 came on the stereo.

‘Automatic’ by Pop Idol reject Sarah Whatmore is this year’s guilty pleasure.

We end, with some of the best one-hit wonders of the year from Bellefire, I Monster, 4 Hero and Dave Matthews


This year sees the only posthumous hit on the list, with ‘Any Road’ by George Harrison, which appeared on the ‘Brainwashed’ album he was working on up to his death.

Ryan Adams released the excellent ‘Answering Bell’, while Jimmy Eat World brought out the excellent ‘The Middle’

Oasis released Heathen Chemistry this year, with ‘The Hindu times’, ‘Force Of Nature’ and ‘She Is Love’ being the standout tracks. ‘She Is Love’ is the best Oasis song ever. Fact.

On the Heathen them, David Bowie released an album on that name this year, which featured an excellent cover of ‘Waterloo Sunset’

Sugababes made a comeback with a new member and the excellent ‘Freak Like Me’. Also making a comeback were McAlmont and Butler, who gave us beautiful melodies such as ‘Falling’ and ‘Bring It Back.

They also did a cover of ‘Back For Good’ for the ‘One Love’ charity album, which also featured ‘Come On Eileen’ by Badly Drawn Boy’, whose two hit singles ‘Silent Sigh’ and ‘Something To Talk About’ were among the best songs released this year.

As well, as ‘One Love’, another covers album released this year was ‘I Am Sam’, a compilation of specially recorded Beatles covers used on the soundtrack to the movie of the same name with ‘We Can Work It Out’ by Heather Nova being the standout song.

Other standout releases from the year include ‘Envy’ by Ash, which seems to rip off a Duran Duran guitar riff but I can’t think which song, possibly ‘Girls On Film’ or ‘Planet Earth’, ‘American English’ by Idlewild, ‘Ordinary Day’ by Vanessa Carlton and ‘There Goes The Fear’ by Doves

We end 2002 with Guilty Pleasures which include ‘Stuck In The Middle’ by A1, ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera and a double whammy from Britney Spears of ‘Boys’ and ‘Overprotected’


This year saw the song of the decade, ‘All The Things She Said’ by Tatu. Forget the whole mockrage from Richard and Judy regarding the video and appreciate the best song of the decade.

REM finally released their Greatest Hits album, titled ‘In Time’, and promoted it by ripping off ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It’ for their single ‘Bad Day’

Nelly Furtado released the criminally under-rated ‘Folklore’ album, which was largely ignored despite the ‘Powerless’ and ‘Try’ singles.

Stereophonics brought out two excellent singles this year in the shape of ‘Movie Star’ and ‘Madame Helga’, while Starsailor’s second album gave us ‘Four To The Floor’ and ‘Silence Is Easy’

This was a vintage year for songs which should have got to Number One but never got near the top fourty from acts who disappeared soon afterwards, such as Michelle Lawson, Boomkat, Ruby Amanfu, Vitamin C and Stephanie Kirkham.

This year also saw ‘Oh Baby’ by Rhianna, not to be confused with Rihanna.

Excellent singles from debut albums this year came from The Thrills (Big Sur), The Darkness (Friday Night) and Kings Of Leon (Molly Chambers).

Commercially under-rated political statements this year came from Travis (The Beautiful Occupation) and No-FX (Franco Un-American).

Excellent songs also came from Blink 182 (I Miss You) and Blink 182 offshoot The Transplants (Diamonds and Guns).

The Strokes standard one good single per album came in the shape of ’12:51′

One-Hit wonders worthy of a mention this year include Boogie Pimps (Sunny), Amy Studt (Misfit) and Gary Jules (Mad World)

And we end, with Guilty Pleasures from Holly Valance (State Of Mind), Girls Aloud (Life Got Cold), Busted (You Said No) and Delta Goodrem (Innocent Eyes).


This year saw a Duran Duran comeback, and ‘Reach Out For The Sunrise’ was worth the wait, while The Beautiful south brought out their excellent covers album ‘Headnoddas, Goldiggas and Pholk Songs’ featuring ‘You’re the One That I Want’

Wet Country Wigga Joss Stone even brought out a good song this year.

Tyler James (Why Do I Do/), The Faders (No Sleep Tonight), Ataris (Boys Of Summer), The Rasmus (In The Shadows) and Speedway (In And Out) all brought out pop gems before disappearing from view.

The Killers brought out their debut album, including ‘Mr Brightside’, ‘Somebody Told Me’ and ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’

Other excellent songs from acts who broke through this year came from Keane (Everybody’s Changing), Razorlight (Golden Touch), Annie (Chewing Gum), The Delays (Long Time Coming) and Franz Ferdinand (Matinee).

Embrace enjoyed a successful comeback, led by the majestic ‘Ashes’, while Travis brought out ‘Walking In The Sun’ to promote their Greatest Hits album and David Bowie brought out ‘Never Get Old’ from his ‘Reality’ album.

Other standout tracks of the year came from Kelis (Millionairre), JC Chasez (Blowing Me Out), Modest Mouse (Float On), The Darkness (Love Is Only A Feeling) and Snow Patrol (How To Be Dead).

Meanwhile, standout Guilty Pleasures came from Darius (Kinda Love), Kylie (I Believe In You), Busted (Thunderbirds), Goldie Lookin Chain (Guns Don’t Kill People) and Rachel Stevens (Some Girls).


Stereophonics returned with their best single ever, ‘Dakota’. The follow up, ‘Superman’ was also excellent.

Other standout tracks this year came from Athlete (Half Lite), Roisin Murphy (If We’re In Love), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Ain’t No Easy Way), Jem (They), Ryan Adams (So Alive), Editors (Munich), White Stripes (My Doorbell), Doves (Black And White Town), Daft Punk (Robot Rock), Ordinary Boys (Boys Will Be Boys), The Tears (Refugees) Phantom Planet (California), Hard-Fi (Cash Machine), Franz Ferdinand (Do You Want To?), Har Mar Superstar (DUI), Chemical Brothers (Galvanize) and Kaiser Chiefs (Modern Way).

Nizlopi almost claimed the Christmas Number One with the beautiful ‘JCB Song’.

Madness released the excellent covers album ‘The Dangermen Sessions’, which gave us ‘Lola’

Kelly Clarkson had a successful year with songs such as ‘Since U Been Gone’, ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ and the beautiful ‘Breakaway’.

Meanwhile, Oasis enjoyed a Number One with the stomping ‘Lyla’

Girls Aloud brought out ‘Biology’, their best song ever.

Coldplay caused a senstaion by releasing TWO good songs, ‘Talk’ and ‘Speed Of Sound’

KT Tunstall also brought out two excellent singles ‘Black Horse And The Cherry Tree’ and ‘Suddenly I See’

This year’s 80s comeback worth waiting for came from Tears For Fears

Guilty pleasures of the year came from Kelly Osbourne (One Word), Charlotte Church (Crazy Chick) and Gwen Stefani (Cool)


Muse enjoyed a successful year with hits such as ‘Starlight’, ‘Supermassive Blackhole’ and ‘Knights Of Cydonia’

Embrace also released three excellent singles this year in the shape of ‘Nature’s Law’, ‘World At Your Feet’ and ‘Target’

The Kooks (‘Naive’, ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’), Razorlight (‘In The Morning’, ‘America’), Nelly Furtado (‘Maneater’, ‘All Good Things’), The Delays (‘Valentine’, ‘Hideaway’) and Guillemotts (‘Trains To Brazil’, ‘Annie, Let’s Not Wait’) could only manage a mere two standout singles this year.

This year’s 80s comeback worth waiting for came from A-Ha.

Meanwhile, U2 and Sugababes share and award for best single to promote a Greatest Hits compilation. Sugababes introduced their new line-up with the wonderful ‘Red Dress’.

Albert Hammond Jr (101) and Richard Ashcroft (Break The Night With Colour) brought out excellent solo singles.

‘Afterglow’ by INXS was criminally under-rated, as was ‘Moodswings’ by Charlotte Church and ‘Learning To Breathe’ by Nerina Pallot

Special mention for ‘Blackened Blue Eyes’ by The Charlatans

Angels and Airwaves (The Adventure) brought out the best single by a Blink 182 offshoot this year.

Best song from an advert was by Jose Gonzalez (Heartbeats), while Lordi (Hard Rock Hallelujah) narrowly saw off Daz Sampson to do the best Eurovision song of the year.

Standout tracks by new acts this year came from The Fratellis (Chelsea Dagger), The Similou (All This Love), Tiga (Far From Home), Kubb (Grow), The Upper Room (Black and White), Boy Kill Boy (Back Again), All-American Rejects (Move Along), Hot Chip (Over and Over), The Pipettes (Pull Shapes), Matisyahu (Youth), The Blood Arm (Suspicious Character), Lazyboy (Underwear Goes Inside The Pants) and Kristian Leontiu (Some Say)

‘Hands Open’ by Snow Patrol should have been a single.

‘Empire’ by Kasabien was the best song of the year.


I love Feist. THIS, was the song of 2007.

Honourable mentions for Reverend and the Makers (Open Your Window), Jamie T (Shiela), Snow Patrol (Signal Fire), Hard-Fi (Suburban Knights), KT Tunstall (Saving My Face), Darren Hayes (On The Verge Of Something Wonderful), The View (Same Jeans), Justice (D.A.N.C.E), Kings Of Leon (Fans), Flaming Lips (Fight Test), Duke Special (Freewheel)

+44 did the best song by a Blink 182 offshoot this year.

Keane’s cover of ‘Under Pressure’ was the best song on a covers album to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Radio 1.

Amy Macdonald had two great singles with ‘Mr Rock and Roll’ and ‘This Is The Life’

I am not ashamed to admit I love ‘Grace Kelly’ by Mika. I love dancing like no-one is watching to that and ‘The Magic Position’ by Patrick Wolf.

Best rip-off of a John Lennon song was done by Kylie, with ‘2 Hearts’

Tiny Dancers should have had a Number One with ‘I Will Wait For You’, and Jack Penate (Have I Been A Fool?) and Bloc Party (I Still Remember).

Best 80s tribute goes to Calvin Harris. It was acceptable at least.

Last Shadow Puppets, with ‘The Age Of The Understatement’, did the best song by a side project better than the singer’s actual band.

CSS did the best song from a commercial starring Kate Moss.

Manics had two excellent singles in ‘Autumn Song’ and ‘Your Love Alone’

Stefy did the best song with a video starring Adam West

Gym Class Heroes did the best song with a video featuring the singer’s girlfriend before she was famous.

This year’s Guilty Pleasure was Gwen Stefani with ‘Sweet Escape’


Sons and Daughters did the best song of the year with ‘Darling’

The Gaslight Anthem did the best Springsteen soundalike song of the year with ’59 Sound’

I love ‘Denial’ by Sugababes

Honourable mentions for Kharma 45 (Ecstacy), Noah and the Whale (5 Years Time), Cold War Kids (Hang Me Out To Dry), Iglu + Hartly (In This City), Black Kids (Hurricane Jane), Chromeo (Momma’s Boy), Alphabeat (Boyfriend), Kenna (Out Of Control), Hot Chip (Ready For The Floor, Paramore (That’s What You Get)

‘Rise’ and ‘Handlebars’ by Flobots are both excellent.

Tegand and Sara (‘The Con’, ‘Back In Your Head’), MGMT (‘Time To Pretend’, ‘Kids’) and Katy Perry (‘I Kissed A Girl’, ‘Hot n Cold’) also released two excellent singles.

Ting Tings had three excellent singles, ‘Be The One’, ‘Great DJ’, ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go’

Keane did the best song that sounds nothing like Keane and a lot like Bowie of the year with ‘Spiralling’

One Night Only would have been better off changing their name to One Hit Only. But, ‘Just For Tonight’ was a fantastic hit.

‘Boy With The Blues’ and ‘I Wanna Live A Dream In My Record Machine’ should have been Oasis singles. ‘I’m Outta Time’ thankfully was.

Lisa Mitchell did the best song from an advert with ‘Neapolitan Dreams’. Chairlift did the second best song from an advert with ‘Bruises’

Stereophonics did the best song promoting a Greatest Hits album with ‘You’re My Star’

The Verve did the best comeback single with ‘Love Is Noise’

Panic! At The Disco did the best Beatles tribute of the year with ‘Nine In The Afternoon’

The Automatic released the best song named after a dead actor of the year with ‘Steve McQueen’

Guilty Pleasures came from Miley Cyrus (7 Things), Ashlee Simpson (Outta My Head), Gabriela Cilmi (Save The Lies) and Girls Aloud (The Promise)


Snow Patrol did the best song to promote a Greatest Hits album of the year with ‘Just Say Yes’

Honourable mentions for Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer), Green Day (21 Guns), The Killers (Spaceman), Jem (It’s Amazing), Macabees (Love You Better), Natalie Imbruglia (Want), Kelly Clarkson (My Life Would Suck Without You), Ladyhawke (Back Of The Van), Frankmusic (Confusion Girl), Stereophonics (Innocent), Ellie Goulding (Under The Sheets), Empire of the Sun (Walking On A Dream) and White Lies (Farewell To The Fairground)

Preston did the best solo single by a former Celebrity Big Brother housemate with ‘Dressed To Kill’

La Roux did the best song by the daughter of a TV copper with ‘Bulletproof’

I love ‘Daniel’ and ‘Sleep Alone’ by Bat For Lashes.

Franz Ferdinand did the best song from an ipod commercial this year with ‘No You Girls’

The Big Pink did the best song from an Xbox commercial this year

The Temper Trap did the best song used in every single commercial and montage this year.

Little Boots did the best song this year with ‘New In Town’

There, you have, the Sound of the Noughties.