As you may have guessed by my previous posts, I do love graffiti.

Not surprisingly, i’m making planse to attend the Winter Base Festival at Ulster Hall over the weekend.

As it’s an event being promoted by Belfast City Council, it might be worth nabbing a flyer of it to show that Belfast City Council endorse street art should you ever get scooped defacing council property.

My love affair with graffiti and photography is a strange one. I was into photography when I was younger, but didn’t really have that good a camera and eventually lost interest for a few years before rediscovering my interest in the most random of fashions.

A few years ago, I got a text message from a friend about a party that night. This was the first I knew about it. The party was organised via Bebo, and as I didn’t have an account, it made me a social leper.

So, eventually, I signed up, but that wasn’t enough for some people, as apparantly I was displaying a shocking lack of nettiquette for the heinous crime of not having a profile photo.

As I absolutely hate getting my photo taken, this was going to be tricky, so I decided to upload some photos of murals of footballers from my phone. It wasn’t the best of photos due to the limited qualities of a 2004 model cameraphone.

As a result, I eventually got around to buying a digital camera to capture the landmarks that were on my phone. From there, it spawned a monster, as I rediscovered the photography bug and began to look at Belfast in a Belfast light, most notably if what I see in front of me is photographable.

My Flickr accounts contain graffiti (as well as murals) from Belfast and Beyond.

Flickr 1

Flickr 2

Flickr 3

Flickr 4

Looking forward to this event, i’ll leave you with a showcase of some of my favourite photos of graffiti in Belfast

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