Was down on University Road heading towards The Menagerie to check if there have been any new additions to the wall art, and my attention got taken by one in a wee street off University Avenue, with a quote by Fidel Castro.

The best thing about the quote, is that the word “Condemn” is spelt wrong, as well as a shocking lack of commas in the piece.

It reminded me of the famous piece of graffiti in East Belfast a few years ago, which warned would-be muggers of the dire consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, at The Menagerie, there was only one new addition, a stencil of a progress bar on a computer, with the text, “Graffiti image loading”

In the Holylands, the Ormeau Road Punx (who quite obviously can’t spell) have been leaving their mark.

Keep an eye out for a Manga/Anime drawing of a Boxer in Sandy Row. There’s a “In loving Memory Of Gary Whittley” note at the top.

A quick websearch reveals that Gary Whittley was a promising boxer from Sandy Row who was killed by a hit and run driver in 2005.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a photo of the artwork as there have been parked cars blocking it.

I’ll try and get a better photo at the weekend, but it’s well worth checking out.

Dodgy spelling in the University Area

Dodgy spelling in East Belfast

Image Loading

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