Apologies for being a few days late with this. Unfortunately, Twitpic was taking a long time to upload the photos.

Unsurprisingly, I attended the Irish Cup Final at Windsor Park between Linfield and Portadown. Even more unsurprisingly, I was very happy with the full-time result.

It was a crazy opening ten minutes which ultimately won it for Linfield. After ten minutes, it looked like it was going to be a rout, after fourty-five, I was grateful to be going in 2-1 up, with Portadown doing enough to go in level, possibly even ahead.

I had a good view of the Portadown goal, but in reality didn’t see a lot. My first reaction was that it was a goal, but there was part of the ball over the line, but i’m not sure if it was enough for a goal to be given.

TV replays proved inconclusive, which counters any arguement for TV replays in contentious decisions.

Thankfully, it didn’t turn out to be important, but it did change the flow of the game as it enabled Portadown to get momentum which led to their dominance in the second-half of the first-half.

Linfield controlled the game in the second-half, and (just about) did enough to win.

A sunny day, big crowd and a cup win – not a lot to complain about.

It wouldn’t be a Linfield match without having something to complain about. If they were going to score two goals early on, could they not have attacked The Kop so I could have got some good photos?


2007 Cup Final

2008 Cup Final

2009 Cup Final


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