With an impending Bebogeddon, i’ve been periodically spending the last couple of weeks saving some of the photos worth keeping, in order to transfer them elsewhere, possibly to Myspace.

I would have committed Bebocide a long time ago if it wasn’t for the photographs saved on it, as i’ve been primarily using the site for at least 18 months for photo storage.

One of the photo albums I hoked through was one titled ‘Belsonic 2008‘, quite apt, as this Thursday, sees the official press launch of the 2010 event, which is rumoured to be headlined by Paul Weller.

Please let it be so. The word ‘Obsession’ doesn’t even come close to describing how much I love the music of Paul Weller.

I wasn’t at Belsonic last year as I was in Edinburgh, so 2008 is the only one i’ve been to.

Headlining that year, was The Enemy and Reverend and the Makers. Both bands were excellent that night.

That night, I managed to break my camera when a drunk twat barged into me. Sadly, the camera was beyond repair and I had to buy on on the Friday very quickly as I was heading to England on the Saturday.

Despite having been to concerts at Custom House Square, the venue took a lot of getting used to in comparison with the large and spacious venue that was used it’s predecessor, Tennent’s Vital.

With respect to The Enemy and Dizzee Rascal, one thing that Tennent’s Vital always had over Belsonic was a marquee headliner, who could sell out an outdoor show on their own merit, so the rumoured booking of Weller is a massive boost to the event, as it looks to hopefully outlive the 5 years that Tennent’s Vital was in Belfast for.

I’d been to 3 Tennent’s Vitals during it’s lifespan, in 2002, 2005 and 2007.

Working in a bar at the time of the 2002 and 2005 events, it was great for me as i’d managed to get my hands on an unreal amount of promotional goodies.

On the first night of the 2002 event, which was headlined by Fatboy Slim, Oasis were playing a massive outdoor show at Prehen Park in Derry.

My brother was getting married that day, so I didn’t even get the option to have to choose, as my presence was required elsewhere.

I’d attended the second night with a friend, with Idlewild and Badly Drawn Boy on the support slot, headlined by Primal Scream, who i’d previously seen at T in the Park weeks earlier.

They were electrifying on both occasions.

I remember looking at the photos at the time of Belsonic 2008 and hating them, but looking back at them last weekend, i’d re-evaluated some of them. Not great, but not as bad as i’d thought.

Jon McClure from Reverend and the Makers is a dream for an amateur photographer. An amazing performer in an amazing band, who knows how to work the crowd.

I’m hoping come late August to be training my camera on the one and only Paul Weller.

Review Of Belsonic 2008, August 2008

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