Just some photo news which isn’t really new, but anyway.

Just added some new photos to Bebo. There’s nothing new that hasn’t already been seen on Twitpic or Flickr.

Also got round to transferring all my Bebo photos to Myspace, so if one of the sites goes down the tube, at least i’ll have a back-up somewhere.

Only ever use Bebo now for photo storage, but if you do post a comment on the photos, I may respond, as long as it isn’t mindnumbingly stupid.

Having a bit of a Myspace rennaisance these days, mainly for the music though, rather than the interaction.

As posted underneath, just added some photos from the Tegan and Sara concert at Mandela Hall last Monday night.

Concertwise, things are very quiet for me over the coming months, but the football season will be starting soon, so there may be some Linfield photos for you.

My STLFTEM for July is going to be Base, as part of the Trans Festival. I’d previously blogged about Winter Base in February, and look forward to seeing this.

And finally, a wee reminder to check out my photo diaries of a football season, to vote for which photos I should submit as part of my entry for the Four Four Two Photo Awards.



Irish Cup Final

Echo and the Bunnymen

Graffiti 1

Graffiti 2



Champions 2010

Marina and the Diamonds

Nerina Pallot

Ocean Colour Scene


St Pat’s v Sporting Fingal


The Vals

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