Whilst I was in Edinburgh for the festival last week, I did have spare time inbetween shows to see a bit of the city.

I had managed to get a bit lost in the city centre, and before I knew it, I was quite near Tynecastle, as I remembered the scenary from when I visited the stadium last year.

I was over for the festival last year, and Hearts were playing Dinamo Zagreb in a UEFA Cup tie, so I popped along.

It was an entertaining game, though the 4-0 defeat made it Hearts to turn it around, there was genuine belief that it could be done when they went 2-0 up early in the second-half.

Unfortunately, their inability to get a third goal soon after killed the tie.

It was an enjoyable atmosphere in a good old-fashioned stadium, which is a joy to watch football in with a full crowd and the floodlights glaring.

I popped along on a Tuesday afternoon, as was amazed to see that I could just walk on in, so I did, and got some photographs.

Link to photos

3 thoughts on “SUNSHINE ON GORGIE

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