It says a lot for a football match that the only photographs worth taking at it are of a building site.

The Railway Stand (To the right of the TV screen if you are watching a match from Windsor Park on TV) is currently getting demolished to be rebuilt for a new stand for hosting Northern Ireland, as part of the redevelopment of Windsor Park.

To be honest, i’d hardly ever been in the stand, so i’m not feeling any sort of loss, but it will be strange not seeing it behind the goal when Linfield are attacking that end.

I’ll try and post up progress photos (if possible) over the coming weeks as the new stand gets built.

The match itself was torturous at times, as Linfield failed to take advantage of an early goal and ended up hanging on against a team that should have been easily defeated if the momentum of the first goal was acted upon.

Still, first win of the season. Onwards and upwards.

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One thought on “LINFIELD 1-0 LISBURN DISTILLERY 21.8.2010

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