As well as the Railway Stand at Windsor Park, the Irish League is going to be losing another familiar sight at one of it’s grounds, as today’s Sunday Life reports that the (in)famous ‘Jesus’ sign at The Oval is to be removed.

I actually remember when it was erected back in 1995 and the jokes that were made about it, ironically in BB.

I don’t know why it was put up, thought i’m guessing it’s because East Belfast is a godless hellhole.

This photo, was taken in April 2007 before a meeting of Linfield and Glentoran, as Linfield fans wait in anticipation pre kick-off.

It was a handy meeting point too when at The Oval.

I’d arranged to meet a friend there once. He phoned me to ask where, I replied under the ‘S’. He then phoned me to ask under which ‘S’ in ‘JESUS’ I should meet him under.

Bizarrely, this isn’t the only religious themed advertising at an Irish League ground, as Glenavon had one last year stating that “Life without Jesus makes no sense”, possibly in the same way that a life supporting Glenavon makes no sense.

This photo was taken in the aftermath of the 2009 League Cup Final between Portadown and Newry City.

Current redevelopment work at Mourneview Park means the billboard is no longer there.

Talking of Portadown, they too have religious advertising at their ground.

Say what you like, it’s certainly a whole world away from the generic, multinationals that reside pitchside at English Premier League grounds.

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