Was at Windsor Park tonight with my new camera for the first time.

Being located in the South Stand to accomodate Coleraine fans in The Kop due to rebuilding in the North Stand, it was always going to be tough getting the pictures I wanted.

With some spectacular sunsets over the past three days, it would be Sod’s Law that tonight would be a crap sunset on the night I want to get a photo of it.

The overall picture quality was better, though I still lost a lot of quality when I zoomed in, the standard of night shots was far far better.

At half-time, I ventured to the Viewing Lounge to try and get some portrait shots of the stadium, similar to a previous one I took in 2008.

Managed to get a photo from a different angle and was very happy with it, but it would be nice if someone would actually clean the windows for the benefit of us amateur photographers.

For those that are interested, Linfield won 1-0 with a goal from Paul Munster.


One thought on “LINFIELD 1-0 COLERAINE 27.8.2010

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