Took advantage of some built-up flexi time to get out of work early in order to head down to Newry for the Irish League clash between Newry City and Linfield.

Newry is one of my favourite away games, mainly due to the fact that it’s an enjoyable drive there.

It was my first time at Newry since they built there new stand, and Linfield supporters were housed there, so I checked it out.

It’s not a bad stand, and should be a good atmosphere when there is a full crowd. Sadly, the midweek scheduling of the fixture saw a significant drop in attendance than if it was a Saturday game.

Newry is a relatively friendly ground for amateur photographers, so I managed to get some shots and experiment.

I got to use the night mode on my new camera for the first time and was very impressed.

Managed to get into a good position for the celebrations of Curtis Allen’s winner, and was very impressed with the photo I got, as like Linfield, my photography managed to salvage something ta the end.

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One thought on “NEWRY CITY 1-2 LINFIELD 31.8.2010

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