Was out in Belfast City Centre today, with my camera as companion, and stumbled upon some new art at Garfield Street.

Garfield Street has been previously featured on this blog, as an unofficial graffiti home, with the wall space of the dormant buildings having a rotating gallery of work.

The most prominent artist in this location is Kev Largey.

This new street art is of an owl, on shutters of the site where The Garfield Bar used to be.

There is no signature at the bottom of the art, so i’m unable to determine who it is by.

Ironically, last night, I had a dream I was playing for Sheffield Wednesday, so it was perhaps appropriate I saw owl graffiti.

There is also some new art to the left of it and around the corner.

If you’re ever in Belfast City Centre, it’s well worth checking out, as it’s a great of showcase of street art, right beside Belfast’s main shopping street.

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