Was at The Oval last night for the big televised title showdown between Glentoran and Linfield, which finished 0-0.

It wasn’t a dull 0-0, but it was one of those 0-0 draws where you know it was going to finish 0-0, despite the best efforts of both teams.

The away end at The Oval is notoriously difficult to get amateur photos from, but I managed to get a good spot for photos, but it meant that if Linfield did score, if the scorer ran to the right, I was a bit fucked.

Managed to get one good photo and a couple of OK ones. The good one was of both sets of players lining up for a corner, as fans looked attentively on.

There was a gentleman who got into shot and totally ruined it.

But don’t despair, my new camera has editing facilities, so I managed to get him out of shot.

To be honest, I do hate the idea of editing my photos, but this was a good photo ruined, and I just made a little tweak to improve things.

From United v Liverpool, to Glentoran v Linfield as my next game, I do love the varied nature of my football watching.

After Saturday (Linfield v Portadown at Windsor Park, not a camera friendly ground) it’s Northern Ireland v Italy (Viewing Lounge, excellent phototaking position) and then Coleraine v Linfield the next day (A very photofriendly ground for amateurs)

Incidentally, it will be the 4th time i’ve been to two football matches on successive days.

February 2009
Linfield v Coleraine
Newry City v Portadown – Mourneview Park (Got a free ticket)

February 2010
Manchester United v Portsmouth
Birmingham City v Wolverhampton Wanderers

April 2010
St Patrick’s Athletic v Sporting Fingal
Bohemians v Linfield

Just thought i’d give a wee heads up that I may post a “Yoochoob Volume 2” of some of my favourite Youtube videos of news coverage of historical events.

Don’t expect some highbrow intellectual analysis, it sort of takes attention away from the videos.

Myspace Link To Other Photos

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