It’s been a random observation as i’ve made my way to and from work each day, that somebody is knitting artwork onto the traffic lights where Sunnyside Street meets Annadale Embankment.

Not complaining, they look nice and certainly add colour to a very functional piece of equipment.

One more random thing this week, was that I was at The Oval last night to take in the last 15 minutes of the Glentoran v Portadown match (Not paying in, and in the Portadown end) as it was on my route home from playing football.

Managed to go camera happy, and it was strange being able to freely move around The Oval taking photos, as there wasn’t that big of a crowd like when Linfield visit.

Unfortunately, Glentoran won the game 1-0 with a (credit where it’s due) wondergoal by flat-track bully Mattie Burrows, who is now an internet sensation like Tay Zonday, Tron Guy, and The guy who cried about Britney Spears.

As Andy Gray would say “Take a, um, bow”

PS : He fluked it.

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