Was at Windsor Park tonight for the Irish League game between Linfield and Crusaders.

The game was re-arranged from September having been postponed due to Alan Blayney’s involvement with the international team.

On the back of 13 goals in the last 4 games, Linfield’s season has finally kickstarted.

Whisper it, but I haven’t enjoyed going to Windsor Park this much since the 2005-2006

Going into the game, Linfield hadn’t conceded a goal at home this season. Sadly, that stat is now gone. I love my statporn, and I wanted the shut-outs to continue for as long as possible, but any complaints after an 8-1 win is pure nitpicking.

One consolation about conceding that goal is that the player who scored it, Jordan Owens, is in my Sunday Life Fantasy League team, who still remain outside the Top 25.

My decision to have Billy Joe Burns rather than Alan Blayney as my Linfield player looks stupider by the day.

To be fair to Crusaders, they were the better team for the first two minutes. From the moment Mark McAllister put Linfield 1-0 up, there was only going to be one winner.

The score was 5-1 at half-time, but to be fair to Crusaders, they weren’t playing like a team who should have been 5-1 down, it was just that Linfield were brutal and ruthless in their finishing.

The second-half was one-way traffic, the only question was how many?

When it got to eight, I was hoping it would go to ten.

I’ve never seen Linfield score ten, I can’t even remember them scoring ten in sixteen years going to matches.

The most I can remember is nine away to Institute in 2005.

Apologies for the lack of photos from the match against Newry City on Friday night. The truth is, the ones I got were crap.

Spotted some new graffiti outside Gilpins on Sandy Row. I’ll try and get a photo as soon as I can, weather and oncoming traffic depending.

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