Saw today it was mentioned that today marks the 6th anniversary of the death of DJ, Writer and Author John Peel from a heart attack in Peru at the age of 65.

I remember that day I was in BIFHE (Despite it being half-term, I was a very dedicated student) and came home, flicked on Ceefax to see it was the top headline story and was in a state of shock.

I’d always imagined that John Peel would live well into his 90s and die live on air, but summoning enough strength to put on ‘Teenage Kicks’ before signing off just before the fatal moment.

It was well known that the song ‘Teenage Kicks’ by Northern Ireland band The Undertones was his favourite song.

This fact is referenced in a tribute mural painted in Belfast soon afterwards, and still there to this day, which simply reads “TEENAGE DREAMS, SO HARD TO BEAT”

The mural is in East Belfast, at a bridge just as you would be walking towards the Short Strand area.

It also reminded me of a paint tribute to another music figure, Tony Wilson, after his death three years ago, simply reading “TONY WILSON RIP UP THE PUNX”

Unfortunately, that was cleared by the council within a day. Thankfully, Belfast’s tribute to John Peel remains.

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