Was at Old Trafford yesterday for United’s match against Spurs, my second trip of the season to Old Trafford.

17 years after my first trip, amazingly, it was the first time i’d ever seen United play Spurs, having seen a wide range of opponents line up at Old Trafford.

I’d always seemed destined to miss Spurs. In the 96/97 season, I had a choice of early season fixtures, Blackburn or Spurs. Spurs was the obvious one, but the Blackburn game meant that I would get to meet Eric Cantona. Game Over, my mind was made up, it was Blackburn (and an audience with Eric the King) I was going to see.

In 98/99, Spurs was the last game of the season. I was set to go, until I got my GCSE schedule, which meant I couldn;t go, and had to go to the Aston Villa game two weeks earlier.

In 07/08, another trip to see Spurs fell through due to a lack of numbers on the coach (Though I did get another match) it seemed as though I was destined never to see tham take on United at Old Trafford.

My seats were similar to the ones I had against Liverpool, presenting a great opportunity for photos when United were attacking the Stretford End.

The kick-off caught me out, as I messed up some photos when the sun went down and I was still in day mode.

Frustratingly, i’d spent some time pre-match at Salford Quays, and would have had a great position for a photo of Old Trafford at sunset, only the sunset was crap and not worth photographing.

United won the game 2-0 with the second goal by Nani prompting much mockrage in the media. Was very surreal to witness, especially as I was shouting at him to put it in as there was no whistle.

It looks likely that this will be my last trip to Old Trafford until the final game of the season, against Blackpool on May 22nd.

Hopefully, with United’s season now hopefully kickstarted, there may be a “United 19-18 Liverpool” photo special on May 23rd.




2 thoughts on “MANCHESTER UNITED 2-0 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 30.10.2010

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