Was at Windsor Park tonight for the Irish League game between Linfield and Crusaders.

The game was re-arranged from September having been postponed due to Alan Blayney’s involvement with the international team.

On the back of 13 goals in the last 4 games, Linfield’s season has finally kickstarted.

Whisper it, but I haven’t enjoyed going to Windsor Park this much since the 2005-2006

Going into the game, Linfield hadn’t conceded a goal at home this season. Sadly, that stat is now gone. I love my statporn, and I wanted the shut-outs to continue for as long as possible, but any complaints after an 8-1 win is pure nitpicking.

One consolation about conceding that goal is that the player who scored it, Jordan Owens, is in my Sunday Life Fantasy League team, who still remain outside the Top 25.

My decision to have Billy Joe Burns rather than Alan Blayney as my Linfield player looks stupider by the day.

To be fair to Crusaders, they were the better team for the first two minutes. From the moment Mark McAllister put Linfield 1-0 up, there was only going to be one winner.

The score was 5-1 at half-time, but to be fair to Crusaders, they weren’t playing like a team who should have been 5-1 down, it was just that Linfield were brutal and ruthless in their finishing.

The second-half was one-way traffic, the only question was how many?

When it got to eight, I was hoping it would go to ten.

I’ve never seen Linfield score ten, I can’t even remember them scoring ten in sixteen years going to matches.

The most I can remember is nine away to Institute in 2005.

Apologies for the lack of photos from the match against Newry City on Friday night. The truth is, the ones I got were crap.

Spotted some new graffiti outside Gilpins on Sandy Row. I’ll try and get a photo as soon as I can, weather and oncoming traffic depending.

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Well, after posting up a slection of the best classic football clips and the best news coverage of historical events, this week’s Youtube round-up focuses on Irish League/Northern Ireland football related related video miscellany.

The first video is from a show called ‘Super 8 Stories’ which was broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland between 2005 and 2006.

The show is a compilation of videos filmed on Super 8 and the person who filmed it narrates the story.

One such feature was filmed by a Linfield fan during the 1960s, with unlimited access on matchday and training sessions.

Players from that era then spoke over the clips of their memories from that era, including Tommy Stewart (no relation to, and not to be confused with the current Shamrock Rovers player of the same name, who played for Linfield from 2006-2008), who sadly died soon after the show was broadcast.

It’s amazing how little the street leading up to Windsor Park has changed (For shame, I don’t actually know what it’s called)

The next clip is from ‘Sportsnight’ in 1989, a network BBC production broadcast on Wednesday nights (Like a Midweek version of Grandstand, for those who don’t know) previewing Derry City’s European Cup tie against Benfica, managed by Sven Goran Eriksson (Making his second visit to Northern Ireland as a manager, his third would prove to be memorable), who went on to reach the final that season.

Keep an eye out 2 minutes in for Felix Healy singing. I won’t spoil it, but his singing is as good as his punditry.

The next video is the greatest end to a league season in British football history, far more dramatic than Liverpool-Arsenal in 1989.

Portadown top, level on points with Glenavon and Linfield, with Portadown and Glenavon playing each other.

The ultimate winner takes all showdown, with a draw doing neither side a favour.

I was at Windsor Park that day, and it was a day i’ll never forget, the intense atmosphere, and the tension of waiting for the score from Mourneview Park.

If it happened this season, i’d have spent those agonising 6 minutes on Twitter, hitting refresh and possibly breaking my phone.

No matter how many times I watch this, I still think Portadown are going to score a last-minute winner.

With all the recent chat about Matty Burrows becoming an internet sensation, though not as sensational as the Leave Britney Alone Guy and Tron Guy, enjoy this far superior goal by Lee Feeney against Crusaders in 1998, stealing the headlines of Irish League record signing Glenn Ferguson, who made his Linfield debut that day.

Talking of spectacular goals, enjoy this compilation from a show broadcast on UTV reviewing the 94/95 Irish League season (Champions Crusaders, Cup Winners Linfield)

Prefer not to dwell too much on the Zeke Rowe in Bangor’s 5-0 win at Windsor Park. I turned down the chance to go to that match, instead going to see the Lion King, which turned out to be a good choice. Hakuna Matata.

I can vaguely remember that goal by Judas Bastard Haylock, even though I wasn’t at that match. There was a brief time in the 90s when Linfield would face Portadown as underdogs, and turn them over.

Now we face them as favourites, and turn them over.

Fucking hell, they even got Sir Stanley Matthews to choose the winner, proper footballing royalty.

The video is also notable for two things, Stephen Watson with hair, and Stephen Watson giving a shit about football.

Whatever happened to Joey Cunningham?

No Irish League Youtube compilation would be complete without this. No words are needed.

As classic Boxing Days go, 1995 takes some beating. Snow, White Ball, the stuff of legend.

The next league fixture between the two took place at Windsor Park in February. I remember this game as it was a few days after my 13th birthday, on which Take That had split up.

Linfield won the match 2-0 with two goals from Paul Millar.

Ten years exactly to the day, Paul Millar would be taking charge of his first game as Glentoran manager, and Take That would be three months into their reformation. It’s a funny old life.

One more video, a reminder of how depressing European Football has become for Irish League Clubs in recent years.

Nowadays, the likes of Dynamo Borat, Bjorksportacus and BK Morten Harket visit our shores during July, but there was once a time, when big-name and exotic opposition used to come and play our teams.

Well, Tottenham Hotspur, but it’s all relative (Talking of which, it was a game against Coleraine, in the European Cup Winners Cup)

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After the excitement at Windsor Park, it was off to Coleraine today for the bread and butter of the Irish League, as Linfield visited the Coleraine Showgrounds.

This fixture is generally one to look forward to, as a small ground which doesn’t take much to fill always makes for a good atmosphere.

The game, was an easy 2-0 win for Linfield.

Could have scored more, didn’t need to, as Coleraine were so poor they could have played all night without scoring.

This ground is one of the more friendly grounds for amateur photographers, and I managed to get some, not spectacular, but postable.


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Was at Windsor Park for the Euro 2012 Qualifier between Northern Ireland and Italy.

It was Northern Ireland’s first home game of the campaign following a 1-0 win over Slovenia in the opening game.

Windsor Park had two temporary stands put in for the game to meet demand for tickets.

My ticket was in the Viewing Lounge, which offered an excellent view of the game, albiet with no real opportunity for good match shots.

Managed to get some good portrait shots of the stadium, and I managed to get temporary access to the bottom tier of the South Stand for some shots.

Was quite happy with some of the shots I got, and the result especially, which finished 0-0, albiet an entertaining 0-0.

If Northern Ireland had won, it wouldn’t have been a Smash and Grab. However, if Italy had won, you wouldn’t have denied it to them.

When Northern Ireland attacked, you hoped they would score, when Italy attack, you feared they would score.

There were some hairy moments, not helped by unenforced errors giving possession away too frequently for my liking.

But, we got the result, and hopefully, it will be followed by a win against group minnow Faroe Islands, ahead of the game in Serbia.

Recent form suggest that Serbia will either win the group, or finish third.

Their opening two results, a draw with Slovenia and a defeat to Estonia, suggests that they may not be as good as people think they are, although it does suggest that Estonia are a lot better than people think they are.

So hopefully, we can get positive results in Faroe Islands and Serbia, to set things up nicely for another memorable Windsor occasion against Slovenia in March.

Until then, why not enjoy some photos from last night?



It’s been a random observation as i’ve made my way to and from work each day, that somebody is knitting artwork onto the traffic lights where Sunnyside Street meets Annadale Embankment.

Not complaining, they look nice and certainly add colour to a very functional piece of equipment.

One more random thing this week, was that I was at The Oval last night to take in the last 15 minutes of the Glentoran v Portadown match (Not paying in, and in the Portadown end) as it was on my route home from playing football.

Managed to go camera happy, and it was strange being able to freely move around The Oval taking photos, as there wasn’t that big of a crowd like when Linfield visit.

Unfortunately, Glentoran won the game 1-0 with a (credit where it’s due) wondergoal by flat-track bully Mattie Burrows, who is now an internet sensation like Tay Zonday, Tron Guy, and The guy who cried about Britney Spears.

As Andy Gray would say “Take a, um, bow”

PS : He fluked it.


After last week’s sackload of great football clips from history currently on Youtube, this week’s Youtube round-up concerns news coverage of historical events and how news coverage has changed during this time.

I’m a complete history geek, and not ashamed of it. One of my favourite books is ‘Chronicle Of The 20th Century’ and I love reading about historical events from the second half of the 20th Century onwards.

Youtube is a fantastic resource for such information, containing vast amounts of news coverage of many events from both American and British channels.

The most fascinating thing about this is the BBC’s shift in their breaking news policy now that they have BBC News 24.

These days, only the death of a member of the Royal Family, announcement of a General Election, a major terrorist attack in Britain or America or a British Prime Minister would merit interrupting programming on BBC1 or BBC2, because there is already a channel at people’s fingertips to provide a news service.

I remember when I was young and a major story broke, there was a brief period of ‘Dead Air’ before cutting to the newsroom. It felt very dramatic, and the tension could be quite scary.

It is perhaps because of this, that when people are watching the current 24 hour news channels and the ‘Breaking News’ caption flashes across the screen, you can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed when it isn’t a major earth-shattering event.

This first video is the BBC News coverage of the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994.

I remember playing football at Cherryvale with a friend when his dad came over to break to us, having heard it on the radio.

We didn’t believe him, as Ayrton Senna felt like the sort of person who was immortal. Watching this news bulletin, it really sank home that he wasn’t.

This news report was of the death of Princess Diana in 1997, when ITV interrupted a repeat of The Chart Show to announce that she had been in a car crash. The band whose video was interrupted was Catch, who were tipped for big thins but vanished from trace, possibly because they were shite. I actually do remember them as well.

I was still at school, but two years later, I started my first ever job, lifting glasses in The Bot, and if this this had happened during this period, I probably would have been up all night watching the news coverage.

My memories of it, are of waking up that day early, not through choice, I just happened to wake up at that time, and switching it on and seeing the shock news.

That day was surreal, as all programming on BBC and ITV was suspended, with the only programming on the BBC being a pre-prepared obituary show, and a repeat of her interview with Martin Bashir.

What also was strange when channel-hopping, was that the non-news channels were running with it, having a caption urging across the bottom of the screen urging people to change to BBC1 or Sky News to keep up to date with the story.

It seemed to be the benchmark for Royal news coverage. By comparison, the coverage of the deaths of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother seemed a bit low-key.

The last major news event was the death of Michael Jackson last year. It’s a very modern phenomenon, that the news broke for me whilst I was browsing on Twitter.

Due to the varying accounts I follow, in the space of three tweets by three different news accounts, he was dead, then he was rushed to hospital, before finally being recovering after collapsing.

It was the first major news event since “Social Media” became mainstream, and such was the volume of people wanting to chat, blog and find out about it, it caused Twitter and Google to crash.

Despite the fact that i’m not really that massive a Michael Jackson, I still stayed up for most of the night to watch the coverage. I suppose it shows how major news stories grab people’s attentions.

This final clip is of Sky News coverage of the 9/11 Terror Attacks on America, as newscasters had to constantly react to and commentate on what was happening.

On that day, I was in class at Bangor Tec until 5pm, and headed straight home, had my dinner without watching the news, and didn’t actually find out about it until about 7pm/8pm that night.

If it happened today, it would have been hard to avoid such is the use of Social Media that people would have been tweeting about it and commenting on it for their Facebook profiles.

Compare it to this BBC coverage of the President Kennedy assasination where they “Hoped” to bring reaction to you. If it happened today, the coverage would be instant across varying media forms.

Sit back and enjoy the vast archive videos of how history has been shaped and reported.


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Was at Windsor Park today for the game between Linfield and Portadown and managed to get some photos, some of the game, and some of the renovation work at Windsor Park, in the short-term, geared towards next Friday’s Euro 2012 Qualifier against Italy.

With the game effectively over with Linfield leading 3-0, the second-half was a non-event, giving me the opportunity to get some photos of the two temporary stands (Bottom tier of the South Stand and Railway Stand)

The photos are OK, nothing too spectacular, but enjoy

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