Ventured down to Shamrock Park on Friday evening to see Linfield take on Portadown just a month after beating them 4-0 at Windsor Park.

Got to the ground in good time, a rare thing for an away match, actually making it to the ground on time for kick-off.

My ticket was in the Armagh Road stand, or to simplify, the big stand on the left of the TV screen.

I managed to get a seat but the view was OK but not great for phototaking, so I ventured over to an unofficial standing area at the side of the stand, into a prime photo position, espeically if Linfield scored (which they did) at that end.

After a nervy start, Linfield went 1-0 up on the half-hour and dominated from there, eventually winning 2-1, frustratingly conceding a goal in stoppage time, much to my annoyance as I was hoping for a clean sheet. I enjoy statporn like that.

PS : Linfield Exile has given this blog a plug, so i’ll return the favour. Click Here to be redirected there.

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2 thoughts on “PORTADOWN 1-2 LINFIELD 5.11.2010

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