Was at Seaview today for the Irish League clash between Crusaders and Linfield, which Crusaders won 2-1.

The game turned on a bizarre incident when Linfield were on the attack, a second ball was thrown onto the pitch.

The extra ball wasn’t interfering with play and was kicked out, but the referee saw fit to stop the game.

Amazingly, instead of the game being restarted with Linfield being given back possession, the referee decided to restart with a bounceball, which Crusaders took the lead from the resulting attack.

Bizarre, and just another sign of the complete incompetent refereeing Irish League fans have to put up with.

With Crusaders understandably time-wasting, the esteemed official saw fit to let himself have rings run around him and made a fool of, with nowhere near the appropriate injury time added on at the end, and the best he could muster was pointless time genstures to try and get them top hurry up when a yellow card would have been more effective.

Definately worth that payrise they went on strike for two years ago.

Hopefully, this can just be forgotten about and we can go on another 3 month unbeaten run.

On the plus side, I managed to get a good position for photo taking.


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3 thoughts on “CRUSADERS 2-1 LINFIELD 13.11.2010

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