Welcome to a 12 part series, looking back at some of my favourite photos I took throughout 2010, as the year closes to an end.

We start, funnily enough, in January.

January was actually a lean month photowise, mainly due to the fact that a lot of football matches were postponed, and I didn’t go to any concerts.

The month was dominated by ‘The Big Freeze’, so I made the most of the opportunity to go out and take photos of the snow.

My favourite photo of the month combined snow with my love of football.

I woke up on the morning of 9th January in an exicted mood because of the snow, but I had an errand to do, to head over to Windsor Park to get refunds on tickets for a mate living in Liverpool who was unable to attend the re-arranged date of a match that was postponed.

I noticed upon my entry to the stadium that there was public access to the South Stand, so I asked a member of staff for permission to take some snaps of the pitch, which was granted.

With only the South Stand (If I had complete stadium access, I would have used every other part of it than the South Stand) to work with, I managed to set up and compose a few quick shots, which I was very happy with. On my way out, I managed to get some of the forecourt leading into the stadium.

I’ve got photos of Windsor Park in various other weather conditions (Well, night and rain) but snow was the one that I really wanted.


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