The final part of these wee mini-series looks at Q from May 1997, featuring Paul Heaton on the cover, rather bizarrely, wearing a coat made of flowers, with a headline of “Fancy! He’s the bloomin King Of Pop”

In 1997, The Beautiful South were at the height of their fame, with the 1994 Greatest Hits compliation “Carry On Up The Charts” allegedly taking up residence in one in seven UK homes, and their 1996 album “Blue Is The Colour” spawning two massive hits, “Rotterdam” and “Don’t Marry Her”, interestingly, neither of which featured Heaton’s vocals.

The Spine Line, read “From Anlaby Road to Boothferry Park”. Boothferry Park was the home ground of Hull City in 1997 (They didn’t move to the KC until 2002) and with Paul Heaton on the cover, it clearly is some sort of Hull reference.

Despite referencing Hull City’s ground, Paul Heaton actually supports Sheffield United.

This issue came with a free CD of tracks from up and coming acts such as Stereophonics, Mansun and Eels.

Talking of up and coming bright new things, Sunderland band Keneckie get a double page spread, including a snarling teenage singer Lauren Laverne. Yes, her from The Culture Show.

INXS get 5 pages dedicated to the forthcoming release of their new album “Elegently Wasted”, also focusing on their back catalogue, with the main focus of the article being singer and new dad Michael Hutchence talking about his and the band’s future.

Just six months later, Hutchence would be found dead in his hotel room while on tour.

Christopher Alexander of Mill Hill wrote to Q asking what everybody has been asking since 1989, namely, what are Jive Bunny doing now?

The answer, sadly (I jest), was not a lot.

Cover star Paul Heaton is featured accompanying a reporter to the San Siro to see Inter Milan take on Juventus in a Siere A game.

Meanwhile, Q are jumping on the whole internet bandwagon by offering Q connect with 5 hours free online time and access to ten years worth of Q reviews, all for a bargain £6.50 a month.

Albums recommended by Q in May 1997 included new releases by U2, David Bowie, Mansun, Ben Folds Five and Slade’s Greatest Hits compilation.

In the album chart, U2’s new release had knocked Spice Girls off the top. Other residents in the top ten include Lighthouse Family, Bee Gees, Robert Miles, and a B-sides album from Ocean Colour Scene.

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