Apologies for the delay in posting this blog, broadband problems meant I was unable to upload the photos for this blog until today.

Was at Solitude yesterday for the first ever time to see Linfield take on Cliftonville, in a rather eventful afternoon which saw Linfield win 4-2.

Having went through the joy of waiting endlessly at Ballysillan Leisure Centre, I eventually arrived at Solitude, and the stadium wasn’t really any surprise to me, based on what i’d seen on TV.

For shame, North Belfast might as well be North Korea to me, considering how very little I venture into the North of my home city.

As a result of yesterday, I have now been to the ground of all 12 clubs in the Irish Premier League (A blog on that will appear later)

It’s not a competition, if it was, i’m sure there’d be a lot of people who can claim to have achieved this feat long before me, but still, it’s a nice milestone.

The match itself was an end to end affair, with Linfield going in front early through Peter Thompson, before a crazy five minute period saw Cliftonville go 2-1 up before Philip Lowry equalised.

The second-half began, or rather didn’t begin, in farcical circumstances as fog covered the stadium, resulting in the serious possibility of an abandonment.

Thankfully, it wasn’t abandoned, and goals from Marcus Kane and Peter Thompson gave Linfield a 4-2 win.

Unfortunately, Solitude is a shit ground if you’re an away fan with an interest in amateur photography, but I did get some good portrait shots pre-match.

Photo Album

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