No doubt you all care, but it’s finally taken me until the 25th day of the month, but I have my STLFTEM for March sorted.

Originally, i’d planned that the Glentoran v Linfield match this weekend would be my STLFTEM, but it got postponed until April.

I then hoped that the re-arranged match between Crusaders and Linfield would be my STLFTEM, not that idea of William Murphy and Steven Douglas coming up against a semi-competent strikeforce is anything to look forward to, and then that got arranged for April.

So, I got myself a ticket for the Northern Ireland v Slovenia match on Tuesday, which will be my STLFTEM for this month.

April is already sorted with the Beady Eye concert, and the bonus of three Linfield-Glentoran matches, and May is also sorted with the UEFA Cup Final trip and going to Old Trafford for United v Blackpoool.

Just need to start working on June.

August will hopefully see me going to the Edinburgh Festival, with hopefully a wee stop off in Brighton included.

Unlike the trip to Oslo I planned in my head a few months back, this is definately, definately going to happen.

Also, keep an eye out in late May for a series on this blog titled “Photo Diary Of A Football Season”, which will be as the name suggests, a look back at the 2010-2011 football season through some of the photos I have taken.

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