Was at The Oval today for the Irish League clash between Glentoran and Linfield, which was certainly enjoyable at the end.

It actually reminded me of this match, 18 years ago this weekend, right down to the winning goal.

The second of a three match double header, Linfield actually started well without being all over them and were stunned when Glentoran went ahead.

Linfield actually finished the first-half strong, and it was hoped this would continue.

Due to work on the ground, there was a reduced crowd, and it felt a bit subdued walking to the ground, compared the mass of supporters in front of me, you could have been mistaken for wondering if there actually was a football match on.

As a result of the ground work, the bottom of terracing was out of use, meaning I had to make use of the seating and the awful view.

It looked like being a “one of those days” days, as Linfield, for all their possession, never seemed to be able to make “The final pass”

Having remembered how to score late goals of importance at Seaview two weeks ago, we showed off our new found skill not once, but twice.

Managed to get some OK photos, nothing special. Also managed to fall over when running to try and get a photo of Paul Munster celebrating his goal.

Thankfully, Michael Carvill gave me a second opportunity to get a photo of a Linfield goal.

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2 thoughts on “GLENTORAN 1-2 LINFIELD 16.4.2011

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