Was at Seycon Park in Derriaghy on Thursday for a friendly between Derriaghy CC FC and Linfield, as the countdown to the start of the new Irish League season gets closer.

Given the unusual name, Derriaghy CC FC are affiliated with Derriaghy Cricket Club, a bit like Barcelona having teams in other sports. It’s not often you hear Derriaghy compared with Barcelona.

What amused me, was that you can see Ballyskeagh from Seycon Park, which must be the only ground outside of Dundee or Nottingham that you can do so.

Linfield won the match 2-0 with two early goals, the match itself geared towards giving players practice ahead of the season starting.

The game itself only lasted 40 minuted each way due to there being no floodlights at Seycon Park and the sky being darker than anticipated.

Most of the better photos were taken during the first-half. As a bonus, i’ve also included photos from the recent Rangers friendly that I didn’t get round to uploading.

Photo Album


In just under three weeks, i’ll be making my annual trip to Edinburgh to take in the Fringe Festival.

Since the programme was released, i’ve been circling and scribbling notes, trying to decide what I want to see, a process I may finally have mastered.

As with my previous two visits, once I drop my belongings at the hotel, i’m heading straight for the ticket office to get tickets for the shows i’m wanting to see.

I arrive on the morning of Saturday 13th. Feel free to label me as brave or stupid for flying on the 13th. At least it’s not a Friday.

I should be there in plenty of time, and I know the route to Tynecastle, so planning to take in Hearts v Aberdeen that day.

I took in football at Tynecastle and Easter Road when in Edinburgh in 2009, plus I get to add 1983 European Cup Winners Cup Winners Aberdeeen to my UEFA 100 Club list.

That night, i’m planning to see Fred MacAulay with Ed Byrne as my back-up option, and then possibly Tim Key, depending how tired I am.

The programme for the event gives performers a brief showcase of their work, which can often make or break them in the eyes of tourists.

Him and Me TV” and “Ze Hoff Und Friends” both have good write-ups, plus they’re free, so if they’re crap, it’s no loss.

The main one I hope to see on the Sunday evening is David O’Doherty. I saw him in 2010 and he was fantastic, laugh a minute.

Im also hoping to see Jason Byrne, having seen him in 2009, again, laugh a minute stuff, especially the sketch about how he wrecked his knee ligaments.

Each morning, MacAulay and Co, a BBC Scotland show hosted by Fred MacAulay will be broadcasting from the festival, so i’m hoping to attend as many of these as possible.

For the Monday night, i’m hoping to see Michael Winslow. Winslow, along with David O’Doherty are the two performers I desperately want to see.

You may not immediately recognise the name,but you will recognise th voice, or should that be voices, having gained fame playing Larvell Jones in Police Adademy.

For Tuesday, i’m hoping to see Isy Suttie, best known as Dobby from Peep Show, mainly because (a) I love Dobby (b) I love Dobby (c) I love Dobby …….. and so forth.

Later that night, i’m hoping to see Neil Delamere and Rich Hall, having seen both on the same night in 2009, and both were excellent (and were absent from the festival in 2010)

On the Wednesday, i’m hoping to see “Rosie’s Pop Diary” by Rosie Wilby and Seann Walsh, who you may recognise from the recent panel show circuit.

At some point on the Wednesday or Thursday, i’m hoping to see Angelos Epithemiou, star of Shooting Stars.

Nothing has been planned for the Thursday yet, mainly because I have to get up ridiculously early on the Friday morning for my flight to Gatwick, so i’m debating wether to go to bed early, or pull an all-nighter.

If Hearts are playing a UEFA Cup tie that night, I may go to Tynecastle for the second time of the week.

If not, i’ll be hoping to see some of the acts i’ve got highlighted and not yet seen such as Dave Gorman, Alun Cochrane, Jimeoin, Andrew Maxwell and Phill Jupitus.

If you’ve never been to the Edinburgh Festival, I can’t suggest it enough for you. If you are going to this year’s festival, I hope i’ve helped you decide who you are going to see.

Only another 20 days until I arrive.


Competitive football returned this week as I attended Linfield v BATE Borisov in the 2nd Round of the Champions League at Windsor Park.

As is now tradition, Linfield were paired with the top seeded team, a side who have beaten Everton and draw with Juventus in recent years, reaching the Last 32 of the UEFA Cup last season.

Linfield more than held their own, and could be disappointed not to win. Conceding an away goal and not having a lead makes it hard in Belarus, but not impossible.

Had mixed results with my phototaking as i’m still getting used to my new camera at football matches.

Tonight, I headed to Seaview to try and get a last minute ticket at a “Buyer’s Market Price” to no avail, although I did manage to get some photos of the stadium.

Linfield v BATE

Crusaders v Fulham


Got an e-mail sent to me regarding a competition being run by the NME for amateur photographers, so i’m currently in the process of getting my entry in.

Unable to get a photo of Pete Doherty stumbling out of a trendy bar or The Strokes buying a pair of trainers, i’m going to have to submit my concert photos and hope they do well.

I wish i’d known about this competition last year, as I definately had a stronger pool of photos from concerts such as Little Boots, Marina and the Diamonds, Tegan and Sara.

I’m definately going to submit the photo of the John Peel mural in Belfast, the rest i’ll leave to you to decide.

Feel free to vote for your favourites.


Love this photo. It’s of a recently painted mural in tribute to John Peel.

I didn’t choose this angle, it was just that there wasn’t much room to get set up for a photo.

The black and white of the mural and the framing just works for me, where the older Peel is overlooking the young Peel in the background


This was taken at a concert by Duke Special to promote a charity tribute album to Ruby Murray, and introduce the songs while linking clips from a recent RTE documentary he did on the singer.

It was a seated gig where I managed to get near the front. and take advantage lof people in front of me and frame them into the shot.

Beady Eye

April saw Liam Gallagher’s first visit to Belfast as singer of the newly formed Beady Eye for a concert at the Ulster Hall.

I didn’t get a great view for the concert and had to make do with what I got, such as this photo of audience participation.

Imelda May

This was taken at the Oh Yeah centre, at the recording of a TV show for Channel 4 where Imelda May was the headline performer.

Managed to get in the front row to get some good shots, of which this was my favourite.

Duke 2

Second photo from the Duke Special concert to promote his Ruby Murray tribute album, having not as much emphasis on light as the other.


This was taken at 3OH!3’s concert at Mandela Hall last month, I managed to get a crap position for photo taking, but managed to strike lucky with this one.


So, pre-season has finally begun for Linfield.

Didn’t go to the Kilmarnock game, but managed to get a shot of the exterior of Windsor Park as the sun was setting during the game.

Caught the second-half of the friend against Carrick Rangers, and experimented with photos and effects, as it was the first Linfield match with my new camera and managed to get a nice shot of the ground during the game.

Here’s hoping to get some shots as Linfield start the road to Munich on Wednesday night.

Photo Album