Was at Seycon Park in Derriaghy on Thursday for a friendly between Derriaghy CC FC and Linfield, as the countdown to the start of the new Irish League season gets closer.

Given the unusual name, Derriaghy CC FC are affiliated with Derriaghy Cricket Club, a bit like Barcelona having teams in other sports. It’s not often you hear Derriaghy compared with Barcelona.

What amused me, was that you can see Ballyskeagh from Seycon Park, which must be the only ground outside of Dundee or Nottingham that you can do so.

Linfield won the match 2-0 with two early goals, the match itself geared towards giving players practice ahead of the season starting.

The game itself only lasted 40 minuted each way due to there being no floodlights at Seycon Park and the sky being darker than anticipated.

Most of the better photos were taken during the first-half. As a bonus, i’ve also included photos from the recent Rangers friendly that I didn’t get round to uploading.

Photo Album

4 thoughts on “DERRIAGHY CC 0-2 LINFIELD 28.7.2011

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