Was at Mourneview Park today for Linfield’s opening match of the 2011-2012 season, as Linfield began a title defence for the 50th time.

Lurgan was dark, grey and miserable, nothing new there, as it rained from the first whistle until midway through the second-half.

For some reason, Linfield attacked the Crescent End in the second-half, rather than in the first-half, as is usual.

When Linfield were attacking the other end, i’d hoped to stand behind the goal and get some photos as it is a good spot, but there wasn’t a hope in hell I was going to stand in a monsoon to get photos.

It wasn’t the best of phototaking conditions, but I did manage to get some not so bad ones.

Of the game itself, Linfield won 2-1, and deservedly so. Lovers of last ditch throwing your body in the way of shots defending will have loved Albert Watson and David Armstrong today.

Anyway, enjoy these photos.

Photo Album


2 thoughts on “GLENAVON 1-2 LINFIELD 6.8.2011

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