Was at Windsor Park yesterday for the Irish League match between Linfield and Carrick Rangers, and well, the less said about it, the better.

Carrick came for a 0-0 draw and never looked like scoring. The sad thing is, when the score was 1-0, I was almost wishing them to score simply to waken Linfield up.

It was like a training match of attack v defence with the defending players being told not to cross the halfway line.

If it really was a training session, i’d have made my forward players to stay behind.

Spent some time experimenting with the Fisheye option on my camera. It didn’t really work. as a result, my new series of “Fisheye Football” won’t be happening for the time being.

Managed to get some OK photos, nothing special, but Carrick’s bright Amber/Orange kit did make some photos better.


Photo Album

2 thoughts on “LINFIELD 3-0 CARRICK RANGERS 24.9.2011

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