Seeing as the nights are getting colder and darker, that can only mean one thing, the end (of 2011) is nigh.

Admittedly, it’s almost two and a half months away, but there’s no harm in being ready.

In 2011, like in 2010, I shall be blogging a look back at the year in photos on a month by month basis, as well as doing my Top 100 songs of the year.

I’ve flicked through the calendar on got my dates sorted, with both series reaching their conclusions on Thursday 22nd December.

To view 2010 In Pictures or The Sound of 2010, just click on the links.

The Half-Term Half Century and The Sound Of …… blogposts may give you an idea as to what is on it.


January : 30th November

February : 2nd December

March : 4th December

April : 6th December

May : 8th December

June : 10th December

July : 12th December

August : 14th December

September : 16th December

October : 18th December

November : 20th December

December : 22nd December


81-100 : November 24th

61-80 : December 1st

41-60 : December 8th

21-40 : December 15th

1-20 : December 22nd

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