I’d been looking forward to this game ever since Carrick Rangers got promoted at the end of last season, as i’d never been to Taylor’s Avenue.

And thus, I still haven’t, as Carrick Rangers are now playing this season at Seaview due to work taking place at Taylor’s Avenue.

On the plus side, it was my first visit to the newly redeveloped Seaview, and I like it.

All seater, with the option of standing, it’s the perfect build for a Irish League football.

It’s a common excuse, when people bash Irish League football, the facilities, yet all clubs in the Premiership (and some in the divisions below) are gradually improving their grounds, which is good to see.

And, Linfield fans were able to move to the other stand for the second-half when the team change ends, in order to be behind the goal that Linfield are attacking.

Hopefully, that will remain the case when Linfield face Crusaders in two weeks time.

The only complaint, is that it isn’t as friendly to amateur photograpy as it was.

Managed to get some OK photos. The weather was shit so I didn’t get the benefit of natural daylight to help me.


Photo Album

2 thoughts on “CARRICK RANGERS 0-4 LINFIELD 26.11.2011

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