THE FRIDAY FIVE – 18.11.2011

1. Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks
2. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – I Wanna Live In A Dream (In My Record Machine)
3. The Pipettes – Boo Shuffle
4. Coldplay – Paradise
5. Saw Doctors ft Petula Clark – Downtown

So, in keeping with the X-Factor themed chart, this week’s theme was Queen vs Lady Gaga. Further proof that I think they just make up the themes as they go along.

What it also meant, was that I had to think of five Lady Gaga songs I like. Not easy.

Having already done a Queen chart in September for Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday, I had to think up five new songs. So here goes …..


1. Born This Way
2. Alejandro
3. Judas
4. Bad Romance
5. Just Dance


1. Bicycle Race
2. The Miracle
3. It’s A Hard Life
4. Now I’m Here
5. Somebody To Love

Meanwhile, this week has seen the 20th anniversary of the release of Achtung Baby, so, here’s a U2 top five for you.

The current edition of Q has a free album of covers of songs from Achtung Baby. If you don’t buy Q, try and download the Jacques Lu Cont remix of ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ and/or The Killers version of ‘Ultra Violet’, as it’s not a very good tribute album


1. The Fly
2. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
3. Night And Day
4. Hallalujah Here She Comes
5. Wild Honey

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 11.11.2011

1. The Pipettes – Boo Shuffle
2. Saw Doctors ft Petula Clarke – Downtown
3. Coldplay – Paradise
4. Duran Duran – Girl Panic
5. Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out

As last week was Dancefloor Fillers on X-Factor, I actually missed the carcrash so can’t comment on it.

Anyway, here’s five tunes that fill the floor in my club


1. Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love
2. Rick James – Superfreak
3. Aneka – Japanese Boy
4. London Boys – Requiem
5. Sub Sub ft Melanie Williams – Ain’t No Love, Ain’t No Use


Was in Botanic Gardens on Monday morning and managed to get some shots and play around.

Not quite as good as the shots I got last year, but enjoy.

Incase you’re wondering why there has been a lack of Linfield photos over the past couple of weeks, the simple answer is that I haven’t got any photos worth posting.

Feel free to click on the links to make your own mind up.

Botanic Photos

Linfield Photos


Was at Old Trafford on Saturday for my first visit of the season.

For the first time going to a United game, I flew in and out in the same day as opposed to bussing it, which was a nice novelty.

I certainly know how to pick my games as Old Trafford gathered to commemorate Sir Alex Ferguson being in charge of United for 25 years.

It was announced before kick-off that the North Stand will be renamed the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, which coincidentally, I was sat in, which is something nice to say “I was there”

The seats were brilliant for watching the game, not so brilliant for taking photos.

The match itself wasn’t great, but United won, which was the important thing.


Photo Album



Was in Manchester on Saturday for United’s match against Sunderland, but while in the city, I spotted some stickers left by supporters of FC Basel while visiting Old Trafford for a Champions League tie.

Meanwhile, in the link provided, i’ve got some recent graffiti in Belfast. Nothing too special which has merited getting a blog written about it.



First of all, apologies for the lack of blog posts in recent weeks. The simple fact is, not much of interest has happened over the last couple of weeks.

On Saturday though, I managed to get some new magazines for inclusion for The Magazine Archive.

I was in Empire Exchange in Manchester on Saturday and rummaged through their music magazines. There were editions of Q from 1999 which had The Corrs on the cover, and another had Shania Twain.

Mind you, around that time I was boycotting Q in protest at them putting Robbie Williams and Spice Girls on the cover in successive months. They must have really gone to the dogs in the late 90s.

Also, I got the complete 1986 editions of World Soccer magazine in May, but I held back on those, as I didn’t want everything in The Magazine Archive to be all football.

In the meantime, editions of The Magazine Archive already published can be found here

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 4.11.2011

1. The Feeling – A Hundred Sinners
2. U2 – Even Better Than The Real Thing (Jacques Lu Cont remix)
3. The Killers – Ultra Violet
4. Noel Gallagher’s high Flying Birds – AKA ……. What A Life
5. Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out

It’s been hard to escape, but the MTV EMA’s are only two days.

Really excited about this and proud to come from Belfast and Northern Ireland that we can host events of this scale. Just wish I had a ticket for it.

So, to commemorate this, behold five songs by Northern Ireland acts (and it was hard to leave songs out of this)



1. Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
2. Duke Special – Freewheel
3. Brianna Corrigan – Love Me Now
4. Relish – Rainbow Zephyr
5. Ash – Envy

As ever, a Top Five based on the previous week’s X-Factor theme. Last week’s theme was “Halloween”, which roughly translates as “Sing any aul shite dressed in fancy dress”

So, here’s a Halloween Top Five


1. The Automatic – Monster
2. Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters
3. Boris Pickett – Monster Mash
4. The Cure – Lullaby
5. All Stars – Things That Go Bump In The Night