ULSTER 31-10 AIRONI 9.12.2011

As an unexpected bonus, was at Ravenhill tonight to see Ulster take on Aironi in the Heineken Cup, having won free tickets in a competition.

I decided to make this a back-up STLFTEM just in case Boxing Day gets postponed again.

Headed over and had tickets by the side of the pitch and got into a good position to take photos.

Was a cold night, but the result certainly warmed things up as Ulster scored five tries to coast to an easy victory against poor opposition.

It was the 4th time i’d been to Ravenhill for a match, all in the Heineken Cup, and 3 of which were competition wins. On all four occasions, Ulster won.

I must be some sort of lucky charm, or I just pick my matches well.

Ulster v Harlequins Photo Album

Ulster v Stade Francais

Ulster v Stade Francais Photo Album

Ulster v Bath

Ulster v Bath Photo Album

Ulster v Aironi Photo Album


2 thoughts on “ULSTER 31-10 AIRONI 9.12.2011

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