Just 41 hours after leaving Old Trafford on Thursday night, I was Solitude bound for today’s Irish League clash between Cliftonville and Linfield.

This was my second time at Solitude, after visiting for the first time last season.

Like my previous visit, today saw a Linfield win. Perhaps I should ask for people to have a whip round for my ticket and travel seeing as I am obviously a lucky charm.

Usual shite arrangements beforehand, sitting at Ballysillan on a bus 45 minutes after the agreed meeting time.

The away end at Solitude isn’t bad. You can get a good atmosphere together hwen it’s full, but it’s shit for amatuer photography due to the wiring in front.

It would be nice to be able to get a proper matchday experience of making your own way and walking into the ground, like at the other grounds (bar DC) in the league.

Managed to get some OK shots but not many action shots, as both my batteries died midway through the second-half when Linfield were attacking where I was sat.

Of the match itself, Linfield deservedly won 3-1. When the only bad thing about a visit to Solitude is your camera batteries, you know it was a good day.

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2 thoughts on “CLIFTONVILLE 1-3 LINFIELD 25.2.2012

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