Less said about the football, the better.

Apart from a flurry of corners at the start of the game, Linfield never looked like scoring.

I know it’ s a football cliche, where fans/players says “I don’t care if we lose (x amount of times) to (team) as long as we win the league”, but it has actually happened and it feels quite shit.

Even though today’s result didn’t influence any league positions, I still hate losing to that shower.

With today being the last home game of the season, the stage was set for the presentation of the league trophy.

That, like the match before it (which Glentoran won 2-0, if you’re interested), the trophy presentation was a complete disaster, thanks to one game a season supporters invading the pitch, ably assisted by Scrutini, whose job it is …………. to keep people off the pitch.

Having got set up for shots during the lap of honour, I then headed on the the pitch after everyone else to try and salvage something from the day and get some photos.


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3 thoughts on “LINFIELD 0-2 GLENTORAN 28.4.2012

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