The football season is now entering the final stages.

For me, the football season ends tonight with the Harry Gregg Testimonial at Windsor Park Manchester United and an Irish League Select.

And so, that shall be the cue for my annual “Photo Diary Of A Football Season” series.

This is what the rundown will look like :

16th May – Statistical Analysis Of A Football Season
17th May – July 2011
18th May – August 2011
19th May – September 2011
20th May – October 2011
21st May – November 2011
22nd May – December 2011
23rd May – January 2012
24th May – February 2012
25th May – March 2012
26th May – April 2012
27th May – May 2012
28th May – Photo Of The Season

To get you all in the mood, why not look back at the last two seasons in picture form?

Photo of the 2009-2010 season

Photo of the 2010-2011 season

2010-2011 MONTH BY MONTH

July 2010 In Pictures

August 2010 In Pictures

September 2010 In Pictures

October 2010 In Pictures

November 2010 In Pictures

December 2010/January 2011 In Pictures

February 2011 In Pictures

March 2011 In Pictures

April 2011 In Pictures

May 2011 In Pictures

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