So, Euro 2012 is almost upon us, why not liven up the action by doing bingo or a drinking game based on the inane analysis given by our esteemed broadcasters, as they demonstrate their knowledge of international football.

“You can never write off the Germans”

(Before Poland/Ukraine games) “They’ll have a passionate home crowd behind them”

“Holland really have a colourful support”

“Ireland really deserved to qualify for this after what happened in Paris”

“Spain just look unstoppable”

“This is the worst German team in history”

(When talking about a player who has never played in the Premier League) “To be honest, i’ve never heard of him”

“When Wayne Rooney gets back ……”

(If England’s group qualification is still in the balance ahead of the third group game) “England, are in Donekst, they’ll be hoping that their Euro 2012 isn’t done yet”

“England (dramatic pause) HAVE to deliver”

(If England are still in when Wimbledon starts, and Andy Murray goes out) “Well, it was a bad day for Scotland, can it be a good day for England?”

(Before an England game) “Well …… I don’t know how you are feeling back home”

(If England are playing a knock-out game) “Remember, this could go to penalties”

(If there’s a 3 or more goal margin in a Poland match) “The two sides are poles apart”

(If Greece score a goal inside the first five minutes of a match) “It’s literally, Greece Lightning”

“You have to wonder how the uncertainty over who the manager is has affected England”

“What experience does Roy Hodgson have at international level?”

“John Terry, looking to make up for the personal trauma of missing the Champions League Final”

“Spain will be looking to make up for a disappointing year in the Champions League for La Liga”

“Italy went into the 1982 and 2006 World Cups on the back of a match fixing scandal as well”

“John Terry, a controversial selection for this competition”

“For me, Harry should have been England manager”

“France, a different side from that in 2010”


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