THE FRIDAY FIVE – 20.7.2012

1. Neil Hefti – 60s Batman Theme
2. Prince – Batdance
3. U2 – Hold Me, Trill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
4. 10CC – The Things We Do For Love
5. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know

Meanwhile, last week I remember that I still had a Ticketmaster voucher for 20 quid (left over from my birthday) so I decided to put it to good use and got a ticket for The View at The Limelight (my first ever gig at The Limelight, believe it or not)

Northern Ireland play Russia that day, hopefully an afternoon kick-off due to the time difference, which could be s fun day built around those events (Unsurprisingly, that’s my STLFTEM for September sorted)

So, in honour of this, behold, a Top Five for The View


1. Blondie
2. Same Jeans
3. Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
4. The Don
5. Grace

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