Took in a second match while in Edinburgh, an international, between Scotland and Australia.

This match means I have seen a team from every earth continent apart from South America (but not every FIFA confederation, as Australia play in Asia rather than Oceana)

In my five days in Edinburgh, the only period of sustained rainfall came while I was at this match ………. I was in the front row.

Scotland usually play home matches at Hampden Park, but low attendances mean they usually tour around Scotland at SPL grounds to fit into smaller venues. They still couldn’t fill out Easter Road, a far smaller attendance than for the Edinburgh Derby a few days earlier.

I made use of the empty seats by moving a few rows back so as not to get soaked, and then moved to where Scotland were attacking when the teams changed ends.

Good game, Scotland deservedly won 3-1. Australia scored the best goal, not that it is worth anything. Got some OK photos.


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3 thoughts on “SCOTLAND 3-1 AUSTRALIA 15.8.2012

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