With no goals and only one point from the first two games of the season, if you had to choose opponents for game three, it would probably be Distillery. The second choice, would be a team who have conceded six, five and four on their last three visits to Windsor Park.

The 4-0 scoreline might sound like a routine win, but it wasn’t so for long periods, with Linfield replicating defending from 2008-2009, giving Donegal Celtic regular sights on goal which they thankfully didn’t take.

Once Linfield went into a 2-0 lead, they stepped up a gear and got a resounding win.

Much improvement needed for a tricky run of September fixtures though. And the less said of Gary Browne’s yellow boots, the better.

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2 thoughts on “LINFIELD 4-0 DONEGAL CELTIC 24.8.2012

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