Was at Shamrock Park today to see Linfield’s battle against relegation get a boost with three points against Portadown following defeat at home to Crusaders on Tuesday night.

With the score at 1-1 after 80 minutes, 4-2 wasn’t a scoreline I saw coming.

A Belfast Telegraph article in the build-up to Tuesday’s game suggested that “Linfield were relying on some unlikely scorers this season” purely on the basis of Billy Joe Burns scoring at The Oval last Saturday (a defender, yes, but that day playing in an advanced midfield role) which could easily be disputed, but today, that was not the case.

It’s not that Winky Murphy is an unlikely scorer, it’s just, you know …….. a hat-trick?

Well, sort of. He was credited with the first goal but admitted on Radio Ulster it didn’t touch him.

Unaware of this, I stood watching Linfield set up a corner thinking that a third Murphy goal was inevitable. It was one of those days.

As well as Linfield scoring three times from set pieces (even getting three corners past the first man is usually a cause for celebration) there was more strange goings on as the referee got an assist for Linfield’s third goal.

Usual phototaking at Portadown, good position for when Linfield attack the Armagh Road Stand. Unfortunately, Winky Murphy ran to the other end of the stand from where I was when celebrating his second-half goals.

Despite that, I got some good shots.


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2 thoughts on “PORTADOWN 2-4 LINFIELD 8.9.2012

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