We’re not Brazil, we’re Northern Ireland ….. but that’s where we want to be. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will be happening.

After opening day defeat in Russia, a win was essential, it didn’t come, it should have come. A lesson learnt. The lesson being, learn how to finish, and learn how to finish teams off when you are in control.

Realistically, Portugal and Russia are fighting for qualification. The fact that they are both five points clear after two games shows how superior they are in relation to the rest of the group.

These are the sort of games we need to be winning if we are to get a good seeding for the newly expanded Euro 2016.

Was pleased for Dean Shiels to score his first international goal. When I was 11 (and he was 9) we were both in a holiday club at a resort in Majorca (the sort that parents send their kids to in order to get rid of them during the day so they can sunbathe) so i’ve always had an interest in his career.

Anyway, time to put it behind us and worry about Portugal. They might have Ronaldo, but we have Kyle Lafferty.

Got a seat in The Kop which was OK for phototaking. Standard Windsor Park phototaking arrangments. Was sat beside some QPR fans with London accents (as opposed to local based QPR fans) so I assume they were over for the Alan McDonald Tribute game the previous night and decided to take in another game while they were here.

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2 thoughts on “NORTHERN IRELAND 1-1 LUEMBOURG 11.9.2012

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