Last night was one of the highlights of the year for me, and judging by the crowds, a lot of others, as Culture Night 2012 hit the city.

It was my third such event, having attended in 2010 at the Stormont Teacup event (a sort of comedy Q and A of MLAs hosted by Marie Louise Muir)

Basically, it’s something for everyone with all sorts of events and street performances in the city centre, mostly around (but not exclusively in) the Cathedral Quarter.

I headed down at about 7pm and headed for Cathedral Quarter, taking in a bit of Oh Yeah Centre.

Two of the most brilliantly random acts were based in Rosemary Street, ‘Street Countdown’, based on a scene from The IT Crowd, which, as the name suggests, is a street form of the TV show Countdown.

Just yards away, was a series of wrestling bouts organised by PWU (Pro Wrestling Ulster)

While I was there, a drunk guy invaded the ring. The audience thought this was part of the show. They knew it wasn’t when three wrestlers jumped in to evict him.

Even managed to spot UTV’s Colm McAlinden observing the wrestling. Hopefully, he didn’t end up like the last UTV reporter to meet a wrestler

Also managed to spot Terri Hooley chatting to someone on Royal Avenue. In 2010, he wasn’t on the bill, but managed to draw a crowd in Hill Street by talking about his life and career.

Managed to enjoy some of the live bands perform at various places, inside and out. They even managed to attract a superstar in the shape of Willie Drennan.

There was also some fantastic street art created especially for this event which i’m hoping to get pictures of when I get a chance to get some daytime shots. Keep an eye out for that.

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