Last Thursday, I was at Lavery’s for the now annual Arthur’s Day marketing stunt celebration.

The event gets a lot of flack for being a marketing event for a beer, which it is, but nobody is forced to attend, and most people attending don’t really care for Arthur Guinness, they just want to see some bands they like.

I attended last year after winning tickets for a concert at Ulster Hall. This year, it was a different set up, with the gigs being free (tickets distributed via lottery) and people turn up not knowing who the headliner is.

Unfortunately, Social Media means that people know who the headliner is as word spreads around. The headliner for Lavery’s was Professor Green (I was hoping for Amy MacDonald, Ellie Goulding or Mika)

Didn’t bother staying for Prof Green (as all the young uns call him) but I enjoyed the two support acts, The Milk and Runaway Go.

Got a decent position and some ok shots. Enjoy

The Milk

Runaway Go


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