Was at Whitla Hall last night for a concert by Ray Davies, as part of the Belfast Festival. With the gig taking place on the grounds of Queen’s University, it could be argued that it was a lesson in songwriting and musicianship.

For those who don’t know, Ray Davies was lead singer and songwriter for The Kinks, whose back catalogue made up a majority of the setlist.

It was a seated gig, which was a bit rubbish for watching and phototaking. Managed to get a few rows back and had an excellent views.

The first part of the show was acoustic, with Davies doing jokes and anecdotes before songs. In some cases, he even interrupted some songs to tell a story halfway through, before resuming the song.

There was a comic moment, when introducing a song, he recalled a meeting with Country Singer Lucinda Williams at a festival in Texas, only for someone to shout “Did you give her one?”

He performed an acoustic version of ‘Waterloo Sunset’, which was the originally planned version of the song, before a full band joined, to perform it in the way it is best known.

On the last song, ‘All Day And All Of the Night’, the shackles came off, he disposed off his guitar, and started dancing around the stage, and the audience followed suit, as what was a seated gig now had people at the stage dancing away.

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