Was at The Limelight last night for a free showcase event of local bands, playing across the various venues within the complex, as part of Belfast Music Week 2012.

I was glad to be able to get to this after missing out on the lunchtime performances at HMV from Monday to Wednesday.

The two bands i’d been hoping to see the most were Runaway Go (I’d seen them at Arthur’s Day) and Wonder Villains (I love their new single ‘TV’)

I managed one out of two, seeing Wonder Villains and Pretty Child Backfire. Managed to get some good shots of both sets.

The event i’m looking forward to the most is on Sunday night at the Oh Yeah Centre, celebrating the life of (Ron Howard endorsed) Terri Hooley, including edited highlights of his biopic ‘Good Vibrations’

Hoping to get some photos of a plaque in Hill Street dedicated to Hooley.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the showcase event at The Limelight.

Pretty Child Backfire Photo Album

Wonder Villains Photo Album

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