Was at Solitude today to watch what can only be described as a car crash of a performance from Linfield. The sad thing about it is, it wasn’t unexpected, despite a recent upturn in results.

The hassle of getting there puts me off going to Solitude. I’d only been twice before. We’d won both times so I thought I was a lucky charm.

Having missed four out of the last five (and five out of the last seven) games, then missing the game against Ballymena in two weeks, I was worried I might be getting Withdrawal Symptons. From what, i’m not quite sure.

Outfought, Outthought and Outclassed. Outeverythinged. A defence there to be attacked, was attacked, and punished. Individual mistakes, punished. Black giving the ball away in the build-up to the first goal, Murphy backing away from Boyce for the second. It was game over from there.

The worst part, at the start of the second-half, you would have thought it was Cliftonville who were 2-0 down and needing a goal back.

Linfield never even looked like scoring. It finished 3-0 to Cliftonville.

Usual phototaking arrangements at Solitude. Not much to work with as an away fan, but I did try.

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2 thoughts on “CLIFTONVILLE 3-0 LINFIELD 10.11.2012

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