You may remember last year, I did a Twitter List. Well, this year, i’ve done an updated version.

It started off because The Independent did a Twitter List, i’d read it, and thought to myself that somebody should do a Northern Ireland version. So I did one myself.

It must be pointed out, that this isn’t an exclusively Northern Ireland list, but mostly.

I’ve updated it for a couple of reasons.

The 2012 was a bit of a rush job, done reactively rather than proactively, I missed some people out who should have went on.

Not only that, but new people worth following have joined Twitter this past year.

Rather embarrassingly, there are some people on the list who have since been unfollowed. The one thing that pisses me off on Twitter is this culture of asking celebs for RTs. I now have a policy of instantly unfollowing anyone who does this. I find it makes my Twitter experience a whole lot better.

(NOTE : There’s a difference between this, and somebody RTing something which has no interest to me. Twitter is a mixed bag, and sometimes people you follow post stuff that means nothing to you. What I object to, is 3rd party spam appearing in my timeline, adverts and cyberchuggers)

It is one of the ‘Fifteen Sins Of Twitter

Anyway, enough about what annoys me on Twitter, time to look at the accounts which make Twitter worthwhile.


Twitter has been utilised by government departments to get information to the public. The recent disturbances and severe weather in Belfast have really emphasised the importance of the role Twitter plays in sharing information

@tanslink_ni is an account detailing any delays or cancellations of buses and/or trains. It’s a manned account, so can respond to queries from members of the public

PSNI have embraced Twitter, with a main account, and a traffic account @psnitraffic @policeserviceni

They also have accounts for each DCU with @psnibelfast covering Belfast. A full list of Twitter accounts for each DCU can be found on here on their website.

BBC NI also have Public Information accounts cover Weather and Traffic @newslineweather @bbcnitravel

Their weather account is manned, responding to the public if needs be, and RTing weather pictures submitted (Angie or Cecilia usually ‘sign off’ at the end of each tweet)

Met Office can be found @metofficeni while Belfast City Council can be found @belfastcc


BBC NI are well represented on Twitter with @bbconeni and @bbctwoni providing online continuity announcements of what’s on now/next, scheduling changes, etc

A similar account @bbcradioulster covers Radio Ulster

Their main news website can be found @bbcnireland

Meanwhile, @bbcnievents keeps you up to date with events and recordings coming up, and how to apply for tickets.

Journalists and Broadcasters worth following on Twitter include :

@traves91 @jimfitzbiz @jolong03 @markdevenport @emilytbelfast @taramillstv @alansimpsonbbc @ciarariddell @fermanaghjulian @jacqmci @mckenp @collettasmith @sabrinasweeney @mlchealth @tv_natasha


UTV were the first of the two local broadcasters to really use Twitter, and are unsurprisingly, well represented.

@utvonair is their online continuity, keeping viewers up to date with scheduled programming.

@utv @utvnews and @utvsport are the best accounts to follow for news stories on their website, while @utvlivetonight covers their late night news programme.

Disappointly, Frank Mitchell (@franku105) doesn’t use the Twitpic feature to do ‘Weatherwatchers’ *sigh*

Other Journalists and Broadcasters worth following include :

@pamballantine @sarahclarke_utv @kenreid_utv @dt_utv @judith_utv @jamie_utv @paul_utv @ruthgorman_utv @saraneill_utv @markmcfadden @paulclark_utv @colmmcal_utv @alifleming_utv @marcmallett_utv @hagan_utv


Print Journalists and Media are well represented on Twitter

@beltel and @thesundaylife are active Twitter accounts, but disappointingly, don’t post front covers.

@news_letter does post front page covers on the evening before publication, mainly thanks to @hackedoffhack

@nitravelnews and @gomagonline are the Twitter presence of two local publications and well worth following

To find out what is trending in Belfast, @trendsbelfast is worth a follow.

For press photography, mostly (but not exclusively) music, follow @Shoottothrill and @carriedavenport

A mate of mine helps run @insideireland – so get following

Journalists worth following include :

@connollymaeve @bigivanlittle @worldinaglass @janeveitchtv @mrsghenderson @saragirvan @maureencoleman1 @kimsshowbizlife @edwinmcfee


There are also Northern Ireland journalists, now living outside Northern Ireland, on Twitter.

Those worth following include :

@sarahrainey4 @billneelyitv @paul_gilmour @skyorla @claireglancy @ianwoodssky @jenofcroths @kellyallen01 @eamonnholmes


@rudedoodle deserves a category of her own. If you love Pop Culture jokes/references and have a dark sense of humour, get following. She’s also Ulster’s Queen of Kitsch.

FABB (Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) is a network of bloggers promoted by @sugahgal

A full list of blogs can be found here

@love_belfast is a listings site for all things Belfast and worth a follow.


PR/Advertising/Marketing in Northern Ireland is well represented. A list of organisations on Twitter include :

@aikenpr @avbgroup @mcenewsfeed @morrowcomms @goodandbadpr @freshwaterniroi @katiewaddell1 @asitisconsult @ljkcomms @levymccallum @lighthouseni @ambitiondigital @nlbothwell @duffyrafferty @jprnewswire @chambrepa @seriouspr @stakeholderlive @shamelesspr @cathy_martin

New to this category is @sineaddoyle having been listed under ‘Journalism’ last year


Northern Ireland’s two big summer gigs @tennentsvital and @belsonicbelfast have a Twitter presence but are currently dormant, but will be active once headliners are announced.

@ticketmasterire and @mcd_productions will have gig news in Belfast and beyond, while @odysseyarena @limelightni and @ohyeahcentre all promote their own events.

In media terms, @acrosstheline and @aumagazine are worth following


I don’t actually follow many politicians on Twitter, but in journalism terms, @alexkane221b and @afneil are worth a follow.

For interactivity, @bbcquestiontime is worth following. Just a pity it’s never on in Northern Ireland at the same time as the rest of the UK.


We all need one unfortunately, and they often get in the way of Tweeting. Agencies and websites on Twitter worth following include :

@nijobfinder @diamond jobs @graftonrec @nijobs @abacusjobs @lynnrecruitment @nijobscom


The top flight clubs :

@Ballinamallard @BallymenaUnited @cliftonvillefc @ColeraineFC @CrusadersFC @donegalcelticfc @DgnSwifts @Glenavon_FC @Glentoran @OfficialBlues @distilleryworld @Portadownfc

You may have noticed that Linfield now have an official Twitter presence, after I had complained about there not being one last year (I don’t think they set one up because I complained though)

Thankfully, this hasn’t meant the end of the excellent (unofficial) @linfield_fc account, which is worth following

Clubs outside the top flight worth a follow include :

@larnefc @bangorfc @ardsfc1900 @carrickrangers

News outlets worth following include :

@bbcsportni @danskebankprem @newslettersport @talkinballs @officialirishfa @thesocialclubni

Journalists worth following include :

@markmcintosh @egrantcameron @nikkigregg27 @nialfoster @andrewgillan @keithjbailie @holtchris @laurejames @taggartjoel @liam_beckett @grahamluneybt @garethfullerton @ourlogie


For photography the following are worth a follow :

@homesoffootball @goingtothematch

Journalists/Commentators/Pundits worth following include :

@gnev2 @benhibbs @willdowningcomm @andymitten @henrywinter @nickcoppack @talkdants @talksportgeoff @patmurphybbc @jasonmbbc @johncrossmirror @janaagefjortoft @sammatterface

Official competition accounts to follow include :

@premierleague @europaleague @championsleague

Two good accounts for Manchester United related stats are @mufcinfodotcom and @rednewsstats

For Welsh football (club and national team) follow @ffwtbol and @blogdroed

Looking at the fun side of football are @stick_football @oldschoolpanini @footballattic @howalanseesit @mufc_facebook @rawk_meltdown @footballcliches @beardedgenius

League Of Ireland stats and trivia are covered by @seidodge while @mirkobolesan covers general stats, trivia and randomness, whilst also writing about African football.

@beautifullyred is for lovers of Gifs and Man United

@bbcmotd gives goal updates and running orders of Match Of The Day

If you’re looking for information on stadiums, then @stadiumguide is worth a follow.


Blogging and writing about TV, and well worth following :

@brokentv @nowtro @unrealitytv @nornironyorkie @tvlive

@tv_am is an online archive of clips from the TV show of the same name

@tvratingsuk produces updates on viewing figures of UK TV shows

@bbcaudiencetix is worth following for news on BBC recordings and how to apply for tickets

@putthetellyon is a fantastic online archive of TV from the good ole days, while @totp1978 posts facts and trivia during the current series of Top Of The Pops on BBC Four, from 1978


@suttonnick is worth a follow as he posts the front pages of the following day’s newspapers in the evenings, while @skynewsbreak posts breaking news, as the name suggests

Danny Baker (@prodnose) is worth joining Twitter for, he’s that funny.

Other journalists/writers worth following include :

@paolohewitt1 @rocking_bob @davidhepworth @danwootton @chrisskudder @timcaple @simon_price01

@heatworld is worth following for showbiz news.


@lamebook – The funniest Facebook status updates and replies

@rocknrolltedium – Boring stories about Rock stars

@sleepycommuters – People sleeping on public transport

@paintissogood – Bad drawings that are so brilliant

So, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed that and have discovered some new Twitter accounts worth following.

To end, he’s some self-publicity, don’t forget to follow me @andrewastewart

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